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      9th Months Pregnant: Care, Precautions, Symptoms and Baby Development

      9th Months Pregnant: Care, Precautions, Symptoms and Baby Development


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        Gem Hospital And IVF Centre Bathinda: It is good news for many of the couples and also an exciting situation. For most of them it is a very confusing situation because even they do not know that by the time they reach this month or this much time, you will have to develop a special bond between you guys so that everything is fine between you and your partner. You may or may not have this many words to describe the feeling of that time. Everybody, especially in our country has a dream of having a baby and when it comes true then it is also a proud moment for all the family. The test tube baby in Punjab has also been introduced and is in practice for the last few years.

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        On the other hand, we can say that it is a practice that is being implemented. When your pregnancy feeling is at the peak then you are for sure preparing for the delivery. Your body, as well as the mind, is filled by the motherhood feelings and also you get the signals like sent by nature to you and your baby. You have back pain or the weight gain and swellings and the mood swings also. But on the other hand, it is also seen that the feeling of coming of a new one to your life is so strong that you start enjoying these kinds of symptoms as well.

        Baby development in 9th month of pregnancy

        In this month the baby is ready to come out at any time but there are still a few points which you have to consider during this and these points are as follows

        • The growth and development of the child are very essential and can depend upon the health of the mother only. If the mother takes healthy food then it will do well functioning of the body and also will be at every stage of development.

        • The health of the baby is also crucial, the weight should be approximately 53 cm and height should be round about 2.5 to 3.5 kg on average data it is seen that the maximum of the children born is of the same parameters.

        • Baby movement is also very commonly seen this month because it is very important for the baby to do small movements so that the baby is active in the tummy otherwise it can create some kinds of problems also at later stages.

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