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      Advantages of IUI Procedure

      Advantages of IUI Procedure

      Advantages of IUI Procedure

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        People who have been diagnosed with infertility always wonder which is the first-line treatment. Different fertility treatments have helped the couple to get pregnant. One of them is IUI treatment. The fertility doctor will give the treatment plan according to the infertility cause. Read the guide to learn IUI advantage.


        IUI treatment was first done in the 1770s in London. Since then the treatment has advanced a lot and the process has gotten better. The treatment is recommended for couples with unexplained infertility or male fertility issues. The process is broken down into 3 steps which include:

        • Ovulation is tracked to identify a fertile period
        • The semen sample is collected and washed
        • Sperm is inserted into the uterus

        When you visit our IUI centre, the doctor will give you the treatment plan according to the cause of infertility so that your chances to get pregnant will improve.

        Advantages of IUI

        • IUI cycle can be performed naturally

        IUI can be done without any medications. This means the treatment can be performed naturally with low fertility stimulation drugs. The ovarian hyperstimulation is prevented due to the low dose and natural cycle of IUI.

        • Sperm quality gets better with washing method

        Due to the washing procedure, the immature germ cells, antigenic proteins, infectious agents, prostaglandins, non-motile spermatozoa, and leukocytes are removed. By doing so, this will increase sperm quality.

        • IUI is a less invasive treatment

        With the IUI method, the sperm is washed, concentrated, and placed in the woman’s uterus with the help of a catheter.

        • IUI is less expensive and takes less time

        No doubt, there are different fertility treatments. The IUI is the first-line treatment which makes it less expensive.

        Moreover, the entire treatment will take around 60 to 90 seconds. Once the procedure is done, the patients need to sit on the seat for a couple of minutes.

        • Less stressful procedure

        Many patients worry that the procedure will be very stressful. In reality, the treatment is very gentle and it won’t affect the egg quality in any manner. Within a few minutes, the fertility doctor will do the entire process.

        • IUI increases the conception chances as compared to regular sex

        With the treatment, the sperm quality gets better because of the washing procedure. During the treatment, the sperm is put into the egg for fertilization. Whereas with regular sex, the sperm will enter the cervical mucus, then to the uterus and finally to the fallopian tubes. So, with this procedure, the fertilization process is done right away.

        Seek medical help

        If you have been trying for 6 months or one year, then you should consult the fertility doctor right away. She will diagnose your condition and let you know what is the problem as well as what type of treatment plan will improve your conception chances.


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