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      What are the things you should know before undergoing IVF treatment in India?

      What are the things you should know before undergoing IVF treatment in India?

      What are the things you should know before undergoing IVF treatment

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        In the era of digitalization, our health sector is also so advanced that they are having every solution to your problem. If you are not able to conceive from the last 6 months or one year then visit the best IVF centre in Punjab for a customized treatment plan. But before choosing the treatment you should be knowing few things regarding IVF treatment.

        • Time-consuming

        The whole process of in- vitro fertilization is about four weeks to two months. Usually, time depends on how quickly your body responds to the medication given by the fertility specialist. The procedure will start by suppressing the menstrual cycle naturally. It is done by giving you hormone injection or nasal spray.

        After this, the next step is the stimulation of ovaries. Then eggs collected by the fertility specialist immediately fertilized and the doctor will leave for 6 days to grow properly. After that, the embryo is selected and implanted by the doctor into the woman’s uterus. Remember it is a non-surgical procedure the specialist will do with the help of the catheter. After two weeks with the help of a test, the doctor will see whether the implantation is successfully done or not.

        • Have patience during the process

        The whole process is a little stressful but need not worry. The fertility specialist must make you calm during the process. The blood tests, ultrasound will be done frequently. All you need to do is keep patience and trust during the process. It is rightly said by someone what comes easy won’t last.

        • Mood swings

        To have mood swings throughout the procedure is normal in women. All thanks to the influx of hormones. You are going to face hormonal changes due to the injecting hormones daily. If you are experiencing a lot of mood swings during PMS which means you are having sensitive hormones which are going to affect during the procedure.

        • IVF shots

        IVF shots are going to have side effects such as breast tenderness and abdominal bloating, bruising on stomach or thighs. But you don’t have to worry this happens with women who are undergoing this treatment which will go with time.

        • Maybe you need more than one cycle of IVF

        In some cases, women do not get pregnant with one cycle of IVF. Few women have to undergo more than one session to get the good news. If you are not getting pregnant in a first session then fertility specialists advise the patient to pass one menstrual cycle before trying the procedure again.

        • It is an effective way to get pregnant

        IVF treatment is having a high success rate in making a woman pregnant. You can ensure that you don’t have twins or triplets. By choosing an advanced genetic screening you can reduce the risk of any genetic disorder transferring it to your infant. It also increases the chances of having a healthy baby and pregnancy.