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      What are the various ways to choose the Best fertility specialist?

      What are the various ways to choose the Best fertility specialist?

      Ways to select the best fertility specialist Punjab

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        Gem Hospital and IVF centre Punjab: If you are struggling to have a baby naturally, then you need to know what are the reasons behind this condition. To get a proper check-up, you need to find the best Gynaecologists in Bathinda.

        Here are certain factors that will surely help you to find the best fertility doctor in Bathinda.


        First of all, you have to check the experience of the specialist, whether she has valid experience in this field or not. If not, then do not even try to go with her. To know her experience, you need to ask her how many infertility cases she handles till day. Or you can also get information from her previous patients.

        Qualification and training

        Along with experience, you need to check the qualification and training of gynecologists. You must visit her directly to get this type of knowledge and ask her about her training session. It doesn’t matter from where she did her training but matters what type of training she has in this field. Is she able to understand your problem properly? And is she able to make a treatment plan accordingly? Only after getting proper knowledge, you try to go with her.


        If you are unable to find the best fertility specialist near you, then you do not go so far. You must find a specialist in your city so that you can simply reach there without any problem. Or you must check the transport facility too, whether the area has a proper transport facility or not. If not then you must try to find the other best one near you.

        Success rate and reviews

        Apart from the above-mentioned factors, you also check her reviews and success rate. This will help you get proper knowledge about everything related to a fertility doctor. You can directly ask her about her success rates or can get knowledge from nearby people. 

        Questions you can ask a fertility Doctor

        Here is a list of questions, you can ask your fertility specialist include-:

        • Is it worth investing money on infertility treatment?
        • Do you offer any type of insurance to bear the cost of treatment? If so, what are the measures to bear the cost of treatment?
        • Can we deposit treatment fees in instalments?
        • Have you educated or trained staff from where we are going to get treatment?
        • What if we are unable to conceive a baby in the first attempt?
        • Is there any type of risk associated with IVF treatment or any other infertility treatment?
        • What about your fees or charges?
        • What to do to prepare for infertility?
        • Is it necessary to bring any family member with us during the procedure?

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