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When should a woman visit a gynecologist or an obstetrician?

Women go through several problems during their life period. These problems may be related to the crooked menstrual cycle or menopause, Infertility, Pre, and postnatal complications. But as long as the women are facing these problems, a gynaecologist in Punjab is there to help with numerous precautionary measures and treatment. In the cases of infertility, […]

How to make sure that you have consulted the best doctor for infertility and IVF?

Overview Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases for women which cannot be explained in words. But, the women who choose the path of artificial means to conceive will be in doubt about what to do. Whether it is female infertility or male infertility, medical advancement has allowed us to have treatment options for […]

What are the topmost tips to choose an experienced fertility specialist?

Fertility treatment is emotionally and physically demanding. The treatment is demanding and it is going to cost you money. To make sure you are making the right decision it is important to choose the best fertility clinic around you. You should take advice to choose the best fertility specialist. Make sure to visit the best […]

What are the top tips to choose the best Fertility Clinic in India?

Infertility issue is becoming extremely common all over the world. Both men and women need to have a proper fertility level so that the couple can conceive easily. But, in some cases the couple are not able to conceive naturally. Fortunately, with the fertility treatment it can make it easier for the couple to conceive […]

Explain the difference between Ob/Gyn, gynecologist, and obstetrician?

Gem Hospital and IVF centre Bathinda, Punjab: Dr Neera Gupta (Gynecologist), If you are pregnant and want to get a proper check-up, then you need to visit the OB/GYN, as she has specialization to deal with women’s health needs, like menopause management and pregnancy. To get the proper diagnosis, you need to find the best […]