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      Is In Vitro Fertilization treatment possible if my fallopian tubes are blocked?

      In the IVF treatment, the fertility expert will take the eggs of the and sperm from the male partner and fertilize in the lab. After the formation of embryos, doctors will transfer the embryo in the uterus of the woman.

      What are fibroids and how it affects the chances of getting pregnant?

      History of one of our patient Priya was 35 years old when she first came to our IVF centre in Punjab as she was trying to conceive for around 2 years. When they conceived for the first time, the baby did not have a heartbeat, and then she had faced a miscarriage. Her menstrual cycle […]

      What are the points which tell you that you have selected the best IVF clinic in India?

      Select the best IVF Centre in India: In India, there are around 20,000 IVF centers. For an infertile couple, it can be tough to make the final choice and most importantly the right choice.  How do I know I have selected the best IVF centre? Foundation of the clinic The clinic you are going to […]

      Detailed information about IVF treatment from the best fertility expert

      What is IVF? IVF is a common treatment for people who are not able to conceive naturally. During IVF treatment, the woman is prescribed medications to stimulate the ovaries which produce several eggs. The eggs are collected and stored in a controlled environment with sperm. IVF is carried out when sperm quality is considered normal. […]

      Which is the most acceptable choice From In-Vitro Fertilization and Tubal Reversal?

      The accomplishment of motherhood and childhood is one of the significant achievements in the life of a woman. Each woman looks forward to becoming a stage of tremendous importance, even though conception and birth may also prove daunting or challenging. Although fertility control has, on the one side, being a global subject for debate, many […]

      What things to keep in mind during your first visit to a fertility doctor?

      It may be both thrilling and overwhelming as your first venture into fertility treatment. The move brings too much anticipation and many people come to their original consultation with years of doubts and fears. Your first consultation with a fertility specialist is a way to find answers. And how do you train and what are […]

      What tests and diagnosis need to be done before undergoing IVF treatment?

      The doctor will perform different tests and diagnosis to have a successful childbirth. With time, the treatment has advanced a lot in the last few years which makes it easier to understand what is the issue.

      Myths And Facts To Consider For Increasing The IVF Success

      Myths And Facts: Increasing The IVF Success Myth: Success factor cannot be controlled by the IVF cycle Fact: This is not true. The results of the IVF cycle are based upon the evaluation of the couple’s reproductive health. The doctor is going to do different tests that help in increasing the success rate of the […]