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      Exposing The Truth Of Covid Vaccination And Pregnancy Complication

      The past couple of years has been very traumatic for many due to Covid-19 and its impact on life. Even if the Corona Virus did not directly affect some people, they still felt the kick of this disastrous time. But did you think how it had impacted the life of the new generation who were […]

      Have you been told you are overweight to get pregnant successfully?

      Have you ever been told you are fat? To add to that, has someone ever told you that you won’t be able to conceive on your own because of the weight? This blog will tell you one such story of the patient who has gone through this journey. Pregnancy Journey of Megha & Sahil The […]

      Girls, You Must Know About Ovulation Even If You Are Fertile

      Basic Definition of Ovulation Ovulation can be deemed as the time at which the egg is released in your fallopian tubes from the ovaries. Before 13 to 15 days (maximum Day Range) your periods start, the ovulation comes about. Gynaecologist in Bathinda explains, “ Just like your periods, your ovulation cycle may also differ. You […]

      Embrace yourself for pregnancy journey without sexual intercourse

      Changing horizons of the medical advancements – A Boon For Everyone In every sphere of medical advancement we talk out, there is something new & better every time. Here we are talking about fertility treatment and how the esteemed IVF Centre is helping couples to plan for their pregnancy. The IVF centre Punjab turns out […]

      Why is the ERA test performed for couples with repeated failure of pregnancy?

      In many cases, when a couple tries to conceive they deal with repeated pregnancy failure. You must visit the Best IVF Centre in Punjab to improve your conception chances and better plan for your IVF journey. If you are dealing with this situation, then schedule your initial consultation at our fertility clinic in Bathinda: Gem Hospital […]

      What Are The Causes Of The Abnormal Periods? When Are Periods Considered Normal?

      Those 4 Days Should Be Regular! Have you got what I am going to talk about? Yes, you are right! I am going to talk about the periods. Those 4 menstrual days are no doubt the difficult phase for any female, but such is God’s Grace that you have to endure that pain if you […]

      What are the effects of diabetes on reproductive and sexual health?

      Diabetes is known to have a considerable effect on reproductive health. The fertility experts at the IVF centre in Punjab have observed that 80% of the infertility cases have come into existence owing to diabetic problems. The test-tube baby cost is considerably low in India as compared to the other countries, this is the main […]

      Is it possible to track ovulation with irregular periods? What can I do?

      If you are planning to conceive, then you will be told by your gynae to track ovulation. As it helps increase the chances of conception and you can plan your pregnancy. But, what if your menstrual cycle is not regular? In that case, it might seem to keep track of the ovulation cycle. Although, certain […]

      What is stillbirth? What are its major causes and how to reduce the risk?

      A stillbirth occurs following the 20th week of pregnancy. Due to this time, the mother feels kicks, tiny flutters, and movements from the infant. By the 20th week, it is normal to have ultrasound images to check the baby and mostly these are vivid. During the ultrasound, it is possible to see the baby’s hands, […]

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