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      Explain the difference between Ob/Gyn, gynecologist, and obstetrician?

      Explain the difference between Ob/Gyn, gynecologist, and obstetrician?

      Responsibilities of Ob Gyn gynecologist and obstetrician Punjab

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        Gem Hospital and IVF centre Bathinda, Punjab: Dr Neera Gupta (Gynecologist), If you are pregnant and want to get a proper check-up, then you need to visit the OB/GYN, as she has specialization to deal with women’s health needs, like menopause management and pregnancy. To get the proper diagnosis, you need to find the best Gynecologist in Bathinda.

        The Difference between gynecologist and obstetrician.


        An obstetrician has a specialization in women’s health needs during the pregnancy period. These specialists usually take care of a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. They have specialization to handle a range of health complications, which women usually experience during pregnancy. These are mentioned below-:

        • Cesarean section

        • Ectopic pregnancy-: In this type of pregnancy the fetus usually grows outside of the uterus.

        • Placenta issues

        • Fetal distress-: This fetal distress defines the signs that the fetus is not working properly before and during childbirth.

        • High blood pressure-: This is one of the most common conditions of pregnancy, experienced by almost every lady.

        An obstetrician has a responsibility to take care of the mother throughout the pregnancy period. Some other services that are offered by an obstetrician include:

        • NICU care

        • Fetal diagnostic procedures

        • Infertility treatment


        Gynecologists have specialization in treating the non-pregnancy aspects of a woman’s reproductive health. Generally, women visit gynae when they are suffering from any sexual problem or they are not sexually active or in the menopause period. This is not necessary to visit gynae only in an emergency, you can also visit the gynecologist for a routine check-up so that you can get proper information about your reproductive health.

        In the routine check-up, gynecologists perform certain tests such as pelvic exams and pap tests to get knowledge about your health. He also specialization to treat below-mentioned problems-:

        • Ovarian cysts

        • Painful intercourse

        • Cancer of the cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, and vagina.

        • Bacterial or yeast infections

        • Prolapse: This condition is related to pelvic organs in which the pelvic organs slip downward or sometimes forward. This is usually happening after the menopause period.

        • Cervical and vaginal polyps

        • Irregular menstruation or severe pain during menstruation cycle.

        • Endometriosis-: In this condition, uterine tissue grows outside the uterus and results in severe pain.

        • Other menopause-related conditions

        • Fibroids-: These are types of compact tumors, which usually affect the uterus.

        A gynecologist performs certain surgical treatments such as-:

        • Labiaplasty: Surgical reshaping of external genitalia

        • Hysterectomy: Removal of the uterus

        • Cone biopsy: Removal of precancerous cells from the cervix after a Pap test

        • Tubal ligation: Permanent birth control surgery

        • Salpingectomy: Removal of the fallopian tubes

        • Oophorectomy: Removal of the ovaries


        Ob-Gyn has specialization to treat certain health issues in women such as-:

        • Birth control

        • Childbirth

        • Menopause.

        • She also has specialization to perform surgical procedures for cancer, pelvic organ problems, and urinary tract problems.