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      Does Infertility impact a relationship?

      Does Infertility impact a relationship?

      Does Infertility impact a relationship

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        Infertility issues are very common among men and women during the reproductive age. The struggle of infertility is real and at times it can affect the relationship negatively. Both men and women have different ways to show their emotions. This guide will help you understand in a better way the effect of infertility on the relationship.

        Infertility effect on the relationship

        Most people experience struggle in the same manner. Women are known to be emotional caretakers or providers of the relationship. Women tend to feel that if something bad happens then it is due to her and this makes her feel out of control.

        In the same way, when a woman gets to know about infertility they take all the responsibility for this condition.

        At such times, their partner needs to accompany her to appointments but most couples get concerned about the cost and time. No doubt, it is relevant and important. The men are known to be financial providers in the relationship and they are responsible to protect their families. They are trained to be instructional and need to make the decisions keeping the emotions aside.

        Luckily, consulting our IVF doctor you can get to know what you need to do. The infertility treatment will help to improve your chances of conception. If you are struggling through this condition, then visit our IVF centre for a better treatment plan.

        How does infertility impact women?

        The women take the responsibility of infertility which results in different emotions like fear, anger, or pain. Also, it can make her feel anxious or depressed. The feeling affects her in such a way that she does not understand how to ask for help, especially from her partner as she wants to protect him from this situation. She fears that she would make him feel disappointed. On the other hand, men, feel that they are helpless and cannot help her to make everything better

        This is the time when the couple feels like they have failed in such an important phase of their life. Many couples feel hesitant to talk about this condition and they do not even agree this condition is affecting their relationship.

        Consulting the doctor

        You need to consult the fertility doctor and she can guide you in which treatment plan will suit your condition the best. You should ask the doctor:

        • How can I support my partner?
        • What do I need to get for my partner?

        Tips to help your partner during infertility

        • Communicate with your partner.
        • Keep in mind there is nothing wrong or right. Once you identify your partner’s feelings and what they want, you can help them in a better manner.
        • Ask your partner what he or she wants.
        • Share about the treatment process and how you are feeling.

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