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      Explain the most common 10 Causes of fertility issues in Female?

      Explain the most common 10 Causes of fertility issues in Female?

      Female Fertility Issues

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        Infertility in women can be caused by several factors that are explained below:


        Every lady is born with a limited number of eggs, that a lady releases every month during the ovulation period. When you reached the 40s or 50s, your fertility declines. Since you are unable to produce more healthy eggs, that leads you to infertility problems. In this case, you need to go with test tube baby in Bathinda, so that you can get rid of infertility and conceive a healthy baby.

        Ovulation issues

        Ovulation is necessary to produce an egg, that is essential for fertilization. If you are unable to ovulate, then you will surely experience fertility issues. You may not know that PCOS is the most common Ovulation disorders. There are several other ovulation issues such as Premature ovarian failure, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism thyroid disorders.

        Tubal problems.

        Fallopian tubes are beneficial for sperm passage to the ovaries to unite with egg. Well, millions of ladies are suffering from damaged or blocked fallopian tubes, due to which sperm cannot travel to an egg properly. This condition leads you to infertility. For this, you need to go with IVF treatment so that you can get rid of this condition properly.


        This is a hormonal disorder, known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This PCOS condition results in missing or irregular periods. A recent study shows that this condition also affects your ovulation period and your ability to produce healthy eggs, that plays an important role in fertilization.

        Uterine issues.

        Uterine fibroids or endometrial polyps are developed in the uterus. These lead to inflammation in the uterus or at the uterus lining. This condition affects an egg implantation process, due to which you experience fertility issues. These can only be treated with the help of hysteroscopy, and if you leave them untreated then you will surely experience a miscarriage.


        In this endometriosis condition, tissues are formed outside the uterus on the other pelvic organs. Due to this condition, you experience bleeding, cysts, and adhesions. These are also responsible for blockage of the pelvic organs, which cause infertility in women.

        Hormonal disorders

        This is a common cause of fertility issues in ladies, these can cause due to underactive or overactive thyroid. If you are experiencing high levels of prolactin and low levels of AMH that is known as Anti Mullerian Hormone. This is a kind of protein hormone that is produced in your ovaries and leads you to infertility.

        Cervical problems.

        You may experience scarring in your cervix because of past surgery, and this condition not only causes infertility, however, also leads to cervical mucus. In this case, you need ART treatment, which will give you the best results.


        If you had cancer, in past years or went through chemotherapy, it can affect your fertility badly.

        Unexplained infertility

        These days, almost 25% of people are suffering from unexplained infertility across the world. This means you do not know that you are experiencing infertility, but can be a too frustrating condition. So, you need to get infertility treatment on time.


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