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      How Expensive Are Fertility Treatments & Costs of infertility Tests

      How Expensive Are Fertility Treatments & Costs of infertility Tests

      How Expensive are Fertility Treatments

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        Test tube babies is a term that refers to the babies born through the IVF procedure. Gem Hospital and IVF centre Test tube baby Center in Punjab offers premium IVF treatment for infertile couples.

        The IVF Procedure

        IVF starts with the observation of the ovulation cycle of the woman. It is followed by the stimulation of the IVF cycle by using fertility drugs. Due to these drugs, the woman produces a higher number of eggs in one cycle. The eggs are extracted from the woman’s body when they mature. The sperms are extracted from the male partner or the sperm donor if required.

        The collection of the eggs and the sperm is followed by treatment in the laboratory. The embryo is formed after the eggs and the sperms interact with each other in the lab. The embryos are kept under observation and the best ones are transferred into the woman’s womb. Upon successful implantation, the woman gets pregnant. This procedure offers great help to infertile couples in conceiving.

        If there is a problem with the fallopian tube of the woman, or she has endometriosis, she may opt for IVF. Even men who have a low sperm count or unexplained infertility can opt for IVF to have a child.

        The Cost Aspect

        The IVF procedure is quite expensive according to Indian standards. It is a truth that one cycle may not be enough for conceiving successfully. The more the number of cycles, the more will be the expenditure. However, the cost of IVF in India is much more economical as compared to the cost in other countries. The procedure may cost you anything from Rs. 1,10,000 to Rs. 2,00,000.

        IVF in India

        Getting IVF done in India has its advantages. The fertility specialists are well qualified and have years of experience behind them. The clinics use the latest technologies and have well-trained staff to make you comfortable. It has become a hot spot for medical tourism in recent years due to the excellent and economic medical facilities it provides. The country is also a favorite IVF destination for infertile couples from all over the world due to the very same reasons. The IVF treatment cycle takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete. The cycle should be followed by the pregnancy test of the woman to check if the fertilized embryo has been successfully implanted or not.

        India offers high IVF success rates. It primarily depends on the age of the woman and the individual causes of infertility in the couple. The success rate decreases with an increase in the age of the woman. However, IVF offers a higher success rate as compared to other treatments like IUI.

        The cumulative success rate of three or more cycles in many cases has been put at above 70%. Given the ray of hope, it offers to infertile couples, the high IVF cost is justified.