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      What are fibroids and how it affects the chances of getting pregnant?

      What are fibroids and how it affects the chances of getting pregnant?

      affects the chances of getting pregnant

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        History of one of our patient

        Priya was 35 years old when she first came to our IVF centre in Punjab as she was trying to conceive for around 2 years. When they conceived for the first time, the baby did not have a heartbeat, and then she had faced a miscarriage. Her menstrual cycle was regular but the flow was heavier. Her partner even got semen analysis which was also normal.

         Consultation with our doctor

        Uterine fibroids are the common pelvic tumors that occur in women during her reproductive age. The problem is characterized as solid growth which is because of the muscular cells of the uterus. Fibroid cells are responsive to growth stimulation by progesterone and estrogen.

        Around 30 to 40 % of premenopausal women have uterus fibroids and its prevalence is higher in black women. Fibroid’s growth is slow, and every year it grows around 1 to 2 cm. If the person has small fibroids then the symptoms are not there. The bleeding pattern can vary with it.

        The submucosal fibroids should be removed as it improves the chances of pregnancy.

        Different studies have shown that results are not consistent if the women have intramural fibroids.

         Analyzing the patient condition

        Priya had primary infertility, and she had faced miscarriage in the first trimester. Also, she has a heavy menstrual flow issue. During the evaluation, it was noted that she has underlying etiologies that lead to infertility issues which means submucosal fibroid and diminished ovarian reserve.

        The problem of the diminished ovarian reserve was evident because of the low AFC, elevated FSH, and low AMH. This can also be considered as the reason why they are not able to conceive earlier. The miscarriage she had in the past are likely because of the chromosomal abnormality in the embryo. Her uterine cavity was affected which can be checked through radiographic studies.

        Undergoing the IVF treatment

        Like any other infertility case, in this case, our fertility doctor suggested the option to undergo the treatment of IVF. In-Vitro-Fertilization is one of the best treatment options which increases the chances of conception to a great extent.

        During the treatment, the egg, and sperm are kept together in a controlled environment which increases the chances of fertilization. This process results in embryo development which is transferred back to the women’s reproductive tract. The fertility expert will wait for 3 to 5 days to transfer the embryo and select the best one which is healthy and proper. Once the embryo transfers, there comes the need to wait for 2 weeks to check the pregnancy results. Luckily, Priya was able to conceive, and she had a smooth pregnancy. Just make sure you are following the doctor’s advice and consult the fertility expert who is experienced and skilled.


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