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      How to make sure you find the right donor match for IVF treatment?

      How to make sure you find the right donor match for IVF treatment?

      How to make sure you find the right donor match for IVF treatment

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        When patients visit the best IVF centre in Punjab for fertility treatment, their major concern is how to find the right donor match. In many cases, the male partner is diagnosed with infertility which can include abnormal sperm, low sperm or zero sperm count, and poor sperm motility.

        Finding the donor match

        • While selecting the donor match, you may have specific features in mind. Whether it is about eye color, hair color, education, complexion, ethnicity, musicality, or athleticism, the IVF clinic will make sure you find the perfect match.

        Once there are proper criteria, the sperm bank will filter the available donors until the perfect match is found. After that, the contact is made with the donor’s characteristics and leave it with you to decide whether it is the perfect match or not.

        • If you accept the donor, the donor sperm sample will be allocated to you for the effective treatment plan. In case you don’t want to decline the offer, the sperm bank will continue to search the bank to search for the ideal donor match. It is important to make this decision in the right manner.

        The main aim of sperm banks is to provide safe and quality care. Around 3 months will be given to you to accept the offer for the donor sample to get the treatment. Additionally, the main role is to ensure that rigorous donor checks are carried out before the allocation. These checks include consent for use, screening results, and pregnancy limits.


        What does the bank offer you and how to get sperm care?

        • The main aim of sperm banks is to keep the range of donors in the back with a variety of features and ethnicities to get the best possible matches for the patients. All the things are regulated in the sperm bank so that the patients get what they need. Rigorous background checks are performed before accepting the donor.
        • The journey of receiving a donor match is straightforward, stress-free, and low-cost.


        Undergoing the procedure

        First of all, you need to meet our IVF doctor for consultation and prepare the treatment plan for donor sperm by selecting the best option. You will be included in the system so that the matching process can start effectively. Every day, the best possible match is found which increases your chances of conception.

        Once the perfect match is found, the doctor will help you go to the next step. You need to complete the consent form of having the match. If not, then the bank or clinic will keep you informed throughout the entire process.


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