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      How do I know I need to get IVF treatment? What if I don’t want it?

      How do I know I need to get IVF treatment? What if I don’t want it?

      How do I know I need to get IVF treatment What if I don’t want it

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        When IVF is the first-line of treatment?

        There are certain situations in which consulting the fertility expert for IVF at the best IVF centre in Punjab is the ideal choice. Some of the situations are:

        • If the woman is diagnosed with several tubal diseases which means both fallopian tubes are blocked. The fallopian tubes are pathways that connect the ovaries to the uterus. If the egg ovulated from the ovaries cannot reach the uterus and sperm cannot meet the egg, you will not be able to conceive. In some cases, surgical repair is needed and IVF can be avoided but the success rate will be different.
        • In some cases, the male partner has severe infertility issues. In that case, IUI with a sperm donor or IVF along with ICSI is given.

        With IVF-ICSI, one sperm is injected into the egg directly. If the male partner has severe sperm motility or sperm shape issues, the treatment is given to them. Additionally, if the male partner has zero sperm count then also this treatment can help.

        • In some cases, the couple has a high risk of genetic disease and in that case, IVF is the ideal choice. This is best for couples who have been experiencing recurrent miscarriage due to genetic issues.
        • Patients who need to undergo cancer treatment can choose the option of frozen eggs, embryos, or tissues. This way following the treatment, you can undergo IVF to increase the chances of conception.
        • Surrogacy with IVF is another option. This is needed when there is a severe uterine factor infertility problem that needs to be repaired surgically.


        When IVF is considered a second option?

        Not every couple is the same so some may need surgery first and then fertility treatment is needed. This means the underlying condition needs to be treated at first and then IVF can be considered.

        • The females diagnosed with ovulatory issues are prescribed Clomid for 3 to 6 cycles.
        • If Clomid does not trigger ovulation, letrozole for 3 cycles Gonadotropins with timed sexual intercourse is needed for 2 to 6 cycles.


        Most common treatment path when mild to moderate male fertility is the main issue:

        • For increasing sperm production fertility drug treatment is needed.
        • IUI without fertility drugs.
        • IUI with sperm donors.
        • IVF treatment
        • Varicocele removal, if that is the issue.


        Couple diagnosed with unexplained infertility

        • IUI with letrozole, Clomid, or gonadotropins for around 6 cycles.
        • IVF treatment

        Your doctor is the right person to guide you to what is best for your condition. If you are curious to know more than you need to speak to your fertility doctor and make the final decision.


        What if you do not want IVF?

        The patients always get the option to not pursue IVF. This is true IVF is the first treatment recommended by the doctor because of the increased success rate. But some of the reasons which can make couple think to get the treatment includes:

        • Financial inability to pay for it
        • Desire to pursue adoption
        • Wish to avoid risks and invasiveness of the procedure
        • Religious objections