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      How many Embryos are the viable choice to transfer in IVF at once?

      How many Embryos are the viable choice to transfer in IVF at once?

      Embryo Transfer for IVF Procedure - Gem Hospital and IVF centre

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        Gem Hospital and IVF centre: So, you are planning to undergo the procedure of IVF and one of the most important questions which you need to keep in mind is embryo transfer. Undergoing treatment is the quite emotional and nerve-wracking procedure. It means whether you need one or more embryos. Well, the doctor will keep in mind different things so that the treatment plan is customized.

        However, there is one exception of age which is for women over 38 or who have got 2 single embryo transfer who did not conceive. In that case, there should be one embryo transferred. Ideally, a single embryo transfer is safe for mother and baby. Make sure that you visit the best Test tube baby Centre in Punjab for a reliable treatment plan.

        Single or Multiple Embryo transfer

        During the IVF procedure, the single embryo transfer is the best option in different cases. According to various research and professionals, most of the IVF patients are recommended to transfer only one embryo. This is because the safety and success rate matters a lot.

        With the IVF procedure, the main goal is that the baby’s health should be good. While transferring more than one embryo the chances are there to have twins or multiple births. Not only this, but there is a risk to the baby and your mother’s health.

        Problems faced with Multiple Birth

        • Delivery of twins preterm around 60% and preterm delivery of triplets around 90%.
        • In the case of twin pregnancy, the maternal complication is 2 times higher which also affects the health of the children in the long-run.
        • The risk of low birth weight and premature birth is linked with multiple births which can affect the health of the child in the long-run.

        Knowing about the challenges in advance is important. But, thanks to science and care, the survival rate of preterm birth at 26 weeks is around 80% and it improves continuously after that.

        Success Rate: Single Vs Double Embryo Transfer

        In many cases, both single and double embryo transfer have a success rate which is the same. In one study it was found that the success rate of one embryo transfer is 36% and double embryo transfer is 35%. Another research showed that a single embryo transfer success rate is 45% and double embryo transfer have 42%.

        Considering the option of Single Embryo Transfer

        In the following cases, the single embryo transfer option should be considered:

        • Undergone a favorable prognosis for IVF therapy
        • Age 38 or younger
        • Egg and embryo quality is good
        • Have not considered the option of IVF therapy

        Considering the option of Multiple Embryo Transfer

        In the following cases, the double embryo transfer option should be considered:

        • Age of more than 38 years.
        • Undergone various cycle of IVF but not able to get positive results
        • The prognosis for IVF was not favorable.

        If you are considering the option of IVF then make sure to seek the help of the fertility doctor. They will let you know the ways which will improve your conception chances.


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