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      Healthy sperm: What to do to improve your sperm quality as well as fertility?

      Healthy sperm: What to do to improve your sperm quality as well as fertility?

      Tips to improve sperm health

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        If your wife is planning to conceive a baby, then you need to determine the sperm health. But if you are still unable to conceive a baby even after many attempts, then you need to seek help from IVF doctor. Your specialist may recommend you and your wife to undergo IVF treatment. But first of all, you must understand sperm health.

        What determines sperm health?

        Sperm health depends on certain factors such as structure, movement, and quantity. These are explained below-:


        You are fertile enough if you are ejaculating at least 15 million sperm per milliliter. But if you are ejaculating too little sperm, then it may make it more difficult to conceive a baby.


        If your sperm is swimming properly through a woman’s cervix, fallopian tubes, and uterus, then you have a quality and healthy sperm. And this is known as motility.

        Structure (morphology)

        Regular sperm have long tails and oval heads, which function together to propel them. The more sperm you have with a regular structure as well as shape, the more fertile you are likely to become.

        Causes of male fertility problems

        There are several reasons behind male fertility problems such as-:

        • You may suffer from fertility issues if you are experiencing a problem in the hypothalamus or the pituitary gland. These are the parts of the brain, which sends signals to the testicles to produce testosterone hormone and healthy sperm too.

        • Sperm transport disorders

        • People who are above 50 may experience fertility problems.

        • Testicular disease

        How to improve sperm health to reduce the risk of fertility problems?

        Here are certain tips that you need to follow to produce healthy sperm.

        Consume a healthy diet

        It is necessary to improve the health of sperm, you must consume a healthy diet full of nutrients and minerals too. You must add fruits and vegetables to your eating regimen because these are rich in antioxidants.

        Maintain a healthy weight

        People who are obese feel difficult to make enough sperm. So, you have to think about your weight and try to lose it as soon as possible. You must check your BMI and then maintain weight accordingly. A recent study shows that increasing BMI results in low sperm count as well as movement.

        Prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

        You may not know that Chlamydia and gonorrhea lead you to infertility problems. These are Sexually transmitted infections, which affect you and your partner too during sex. So, you must use a condom, if you are making a relationship with more than one partner.

        Manage stress

        Stress also affects your hormones badly, so, you must try to manage stress to reduce the risk of infertility.

        Quit smoking

        People who smoke are at greater risk of experiencing infertility. So, you must quit smoking and limit your alcohol consumption. It will surely help you to improve your sperm health.

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