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      Detailed information about IVF treatment from the best fertility expert

      Detailed information about IVF treatment from the best fertility expert

      from the best fertility expert

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        What is IVF?

        IVF is a common treatment for people who are not able to conceive naturally. During IVF treatment, the woman is prescribed medications to stimulate the ovaries which produce several eggs. The eggs are collected and stored in a controlled environment with sperm.

        IVF is carried out when sperm quality is considered normal. If the male partner is diagnosed with infertility then ICSI treatment is recommended by the doctor. During this method, the single sperm is injected into the egg by an embryologist.

        Just make sure to consult the best fertility expert. If you are looking for one then visit our IVF centre in Punjab to get the best treatment plan according to our condition.

        Successful Fertilization

        Once the sperm and egg are kept in a controlled environment, fertilization will occur. If this process is successful, then the embryos are developed for between 2 to 6 days. This step helps the embryologist to select the strongest embryo which is transferred back to the women’s reproductive tract. After the embryo transfer, there is a need to wait for 2 weeks, and then the pregnancy test is done to check for the results.

        Important facts

        • IVF is the most successful treatment depending on the individual circumstances.
        • One IVF cycle can take around 3 to 6 weeks.
        • While the patient is undergoing the treatment they need to get the right support.

        Who needs to get IVF treatment?

        • Women who are diagnosed with damaged or blocked fallopian tubes.
        • Women with unexplained fertility problems or who have undergone other fertility treatment but the results were unsuccessful.
        • Men with severe infertility issues like low sperm count or with a high number of abnormal sperm or improper movement. These problems are serious and additional procedures may be needed.
        • Women diagnosed with ovulation problems and who haven’t got successful results with other treatments.
        • Older women have improved chances of conception with IVF treatment. Other less invasive methods will not prove helpful in such cases.

        Is there any condition where IVF is not the preferred choice?

        Not everyone needs IVF. It is possible the women at a young age may be given other treatment options first like drug treatment for ovulation. Your fertility doctor is the right person to guide you on how to take the next step.

        How safe is IVF?

        IVF is not only the most successful fertility treatment but this is safe also. Mostly, the women do not experience any problem with their health and pregnancy also goes smoothly. However, there are some risks factors which you need to be aware of:

        • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome(a severe reaction to fertility drugs)
        • Possible birth defects (this situation is rare and research is still ongoing).
        • Having an ectopic pregnancy
        • Having a multiple pregnancy or birth (twins, triplets or more), which can cause serious health problems to both mum and babies



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