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      Are you wondering whether IVF treatment is possible for older women?

      Are you wondering whether IVF treatment is possible for older women?

      IVF treatment for older women Punjab

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        IVF treatment has been around for a long time. Still, many people doubt the treatment because they are not aware of how it works. One of the main concerns is whether the treatment can work effectively with increased age or not. In this guide, we have mentioned in detail how age is not a concern with IVF.

        IVF treatment and Infertility

        Back in 1970, IVF treatment became popular. With time, the treatment has improved a lot and its success rate has increased. All over the world, assisted reproductive technology has helped many infertile couples to become pregnant. The average age of women undergoing treatment has increased.

        • The average age of women using her eggs or embryos is 36.
        • The average age of women using donated eggs or embryos is 40.8 years.

        Just make sure that you choose the best doctor and IVF center for detailed information and an effective treatment plan.

        Is there any maximum age to get IVF?

        In some places, the maximum age to undergo the treatment is 50. But, the government has also introduced changes that affect the affordability and access to the treatment. You need to make sure that you talk to the fertility doctor as they can guide you better by determining your condition as well as the reason for infertility. Without a doubt, the changes and effects in the treatment have increased the demand as well as the need for the procedure.

        Is IVF cost causing any issue?

        In some cases, in the first IVF cycle, the patient can conceive successfully. But, in some cases, when the problem is severe or you did not choose the best doctor then the results can get affected. In such cases, undergoing the cycle, again and again, can create a major problem of the cost.

        So, make sure you make an informed decision with your fertility doctor and get the treatment started in the right manner.

        What is the issue with age?

        The most popular debate is with the age, whether 50 or 60-year-old women can receive infertility treatment. Many people are concerned about the well-being of a child born to an older mother. One of the concerns is whether the child will be raised in the right manner or not. Additionally, what if the parents or mother dies at a young age? All these questions give rise to whether there is a need to get the IVF treatment at an old age.

        But, this moral panic revolves around the culturally blind conceptions and narrow thinking. In many countries, the kids are raised primarily by his or her grandparents. It is just in people’s minds that undergoing the treatment at such an old age is not possible.

        Well, there is no study which shows that if a child is raised and nurtured by the older women are different from others. Additionally, the child is not left isolated and unsupported.

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