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      What are the top Infertility Myths & facts which men and women are not aware of?

      What are the top Infertility Myths & facts which men and women are not aware of?

      Facts about men and women Infertility

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        Infertility is when a couple is not able to conceive on its own. No doubt, this can be a very stressful situation to deal with. With technological advancement, it has made possible for the couple to become parents. 

        Myth: Infertility is a very rare problem


        Primary infertility means the couple is not able to conceive even after trying for one year. Women older than 35, encounter the problem more as with age the fertility declines. In that case, it is essential that you try for 6 months and seek the help of the doctor. It is not true if you think the problem is very rare and many couples get diagnosed at an early age with infertility.

        Myth: Infertility problem is with women only


        Understanding the cause of infertility is very essential as this problem is faced by both men and women. Moreover, fertility gets an encounter because of various reasons. Getting to know about one does not mean there is no other issue. Therefore, getting help from the best fertility doctor is very essential as they are aware of all the possible conditions which might be triggering the problem.

        In case, you are not able to find the best answers then you should visit our Test tube baby Center in Punjab for a reliable treatment plan for your condition.

        Myth: Infertility is because of relationship or psychological issue, not physical ones


        Not able to conceive a baby is frustrating and disappointing also. But that does not mean the physical issue is not there as it is possible to have such a problem. So, the ideal choice is to explore the treatment options according to the reason for your condition.

        It is seen that the couple can communicate properly at times which eventually results in sexual dissatisfaction. Consulting the counselor and health care professionals experienced in this area will make a lot of difference.

        Myth: You can wait and start trying after 40.


        Women who conceive after 43 use another woman’s egg to conceive or embryo donation. Moreover, there are certain health risks linked with this which can create a lot of problems for you and your baby. This is a fact that with age your body will encounter different issues which makes it very difficult to get pregnant. So, it is the best choice that you consult the gynecologist as they will help you understand the potential ways to get pregnant.

        Myth: Just adopt and you will conceive


        Adoption is beautiful to start your happy family. Every year many couples choose this option when they are diagnosed with infertility. In case, you get pregnant after that it is a beautiful experience. But there is no way that it is a cure for infertility. According to research, there are only 5% of couples get pregnant after they have adopted a child.


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