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      What are the points which tell you that you have selected the best IVF clinic in India?

      What are the points which tell you that you have selected the best IVF clinic in India?

      What are the points which tell you that you have selected the best IVF clinic

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        Select the best IVF Centre in India: In India, there are around 20,000 IVF centers. For an infertile couple, it can be tough to make the final choice and most importantly the right choice. 

        How do I know I have selected the best IVF centre?

        • Foundation of the clinic

        The clinic you are going to choose who is hygienic, sanitized, and infrastructure needs to be proper. Any clinic which you are going to choose should provide you with the best treatment. If the clinic has a bad air quality then it can affect the embryo formation and growth. The clinic should be located in an area that is easy to access. The main priority of the clinic is the patient’s safety and giving them a comfortable environment.

        • Use of latest technology and equipment

        The IVF clinic should have the latest equipment and technology. The clinic needs to have all the operating tools and improved embryology lab. When everything is performed with the best quality and safe environment it is going to improve the success chances of IVF.

        At our IVF clinic, we have the latest technology which is important for blastocyst culture, genetic screening, and laser-assisted hatching. The clinic should provide the technique of embryo freezing, sperm, testing of genetic disease, and oocyte freezing.

        • Experienced staff

        The success of the organization depends on the team and how the members coordinate with others. While choosing the IVF clinic, make sure that the team is skillful and they know how to get the work done to remove it smoothly. The lab should be advanced and the staff should know how they can do the work.

        • Renowned doctors

        The doctor you are going to choose should be experienced and they should dedicatedly do the infertility treatment. The doctor should have years of experience to give you quality treatment and most importantly they should have completed the training.

        • Success rate

        The success rate is an important factor when you want to choose the IVF centre. The success rate of GEMIVF is more than 70%. When you choose a clinic with the highest success rate it improves your chances to start a family on your own.

        • Counseling

        Infertility is considered a social taboo. Most people get frustrated about the treatment and the need to undergo different tests. In some cases, a person can feel depressed. This is the reason we make people aware of the counseling sessions. It helps the couple to understand the treatment in a much better way and they can undergo the entire treatment session without any stress.

        • Check the reviews

        You should review the website or online. If you find a lot of negative comments then you should consider it as a red flag and do not consult them for treatment. The positive feedback is going to help you understand you have made the best choice.