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      Different phases of the menstruation cycle.

      The majority of girls of reproductive age naturally go through cycles. Every month, the body undergoes a sequence of physiological and hormonal changes intended to prepare it for pregnancy. Although there are frequent fluctuations in cycle duration, the menstrual cycle typically lasts about 28 days. The best gynae in Punjab offers proper treatment.    What […]

      Decoding Menstrual Shame and Taboos With Real Case

      Menstruation is a natural biological process. Commonly experienced by girls and women in their reproductive age. However, the symbolism and traditions around this repeating natural occurrence differ in every country. In certain cases, it is socially invisible, wrapped in privacy and mostly hidden. But if you or your daughter is going through this phase, then […]

      Comprehensive note on the thin uterus lining.

      A condition where the lining of the uterus is thinner than average is referred to as a thin uterus, thin endometrium or thin uterine lining. This disorder may affect a woman’s fertility and reproductive health and has a variety of causes.    What is the definition of the thin uterus lining?  The innermost layer of […]