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      Things you Must know before Opting for IVF Process

      Things you Must know before Opting for IVF Process

      Things you must know before opting for IVF process

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        IVF treatment is considered as the best fertility treatment to improve conception chances. The patients who are planning to get it, always wonder about the success rate and when they can undergo it. For better understanding, consult the medical expert always. Read the given topic to learn what you need to know before you opt for the IVF process.

        Most of the patients when visiting our IVF centre have various questions in mind regarding the IVF. No doubt, it is important to clear all your concerns. Our fertility doctor always makes sure to guide the patient in detail so that they are aware of what to expect with the treatment. Given below are a few important things which every infertile patient needs to know before undergoing the In-Vitro-Fertilization.

        What is the success rate of IVF treatment?

        The success rate of the IVF cycle depends on egg quality which will result in embryo development. So, it means sperm and egg quality will both make a lot of difference. Additionally, as the women age, egg quality and quantity decrease.

        The sperm-related problem will be fixed by the ICSI procedure. The fertility expert will make sure the best semen sample is taken so that the embryo quality is not affected in any manner. This way the treatment success rate will not be affected.

        For the treatment, around 15 quality eggs are needed. This way it will further increase the treatment success rate. Our fertility expert will make sure everything is done with precision so that the success rate chances are improved.

        Why do some couples have repeated IVF failure?

        Around 10 percent of the cases result in IVF failure. At times, this creates doubt in people’s minds. You need to talk about your concern with the fertility doctor and she will make you understand the exact reason for it.

        There can be mechanical issues like large intramural fibroids, uterine cavities, adhesions, abnormally swollen tubes, uterine anomalies, or endometrial polyps. Some of them can result in immunological dysregulation which results in embryo rejection.

        What needs to be done in such cases?

        The fertility doctor will go through optimal selection during the entire treatment. As we have already mentioned, the total egg count is vital. The patient is given the right amount of fertility medications for optimal egg retrieval.

        Another factor that needs consideration is the lab environment needs to be proper. The clean with right VOC (volatile organic compounds) is a critical factor. Good cultural condition along with an experienced embryologist will make a huge difference in the treatment success rate.

        Choose the skilled fertility doctor

        The technique and understanding of the entire procedure is a must. Every case is different so patients need to get customized treatment plans. So, make sure to choose the best IVF doctor and centre.


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