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      What are the common reasons a couple need to go for IVF treatment

      What are the common reasons a couple need to go for IVF treatment

      What are the common reasons a couple need to go for IVF treatment

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        Visiting the IVF centre in Punjab will give you new hope to have a baby naturally. One of the therapies used to tackle the issue of infertility is in vitro fertilization or IVF. For women over 40, who have refused to conceive spontaneously,

        Here is a list of reasons due to which you need to undergo IVF treatment.

        • Uterine fibroids

        • Fallopian tube damage or blockage

        • Fertility preservation for cancer or other health conditions

        • Premature ovarian failure

        • A genetic disorder

        • Endometriosis

        • PCOD

        • Previous tubal sterilization or removal

        • Unexplained infertility

        • Impaired sperm production or function

        • Surrogacy

        These are explained below so that you can get detailed information about everything.

        Fallopian tube damage or blockage-:

        When the fallopian tubes are completely damaged or blocked, the egg can not move to the womb upon entry. In this case, an embryo can not be formed despite the fact that a matured egg is released and a sperm awaits.

        Uterine fibroids

        Uterine fibroids are normal in women at the childbearing stage and are known to be on the wall of the uterus. Fibroids may inject the fertilized egg, rendering it impossible for an individual to conceive.


        The effect of PCOD is an ovarian enlargement that interferes with egg development or follicular formation. Usually, this results in uneven ovulation or no ovulation.

        Impaired sperm production

        Under average rates of semen, weak semen activity or poor sperm mobility), or sperm and shape anomalies can render fertilization of a sperm challenging, thereby making it challenging to conceive.

        Moreover, Unexplained infertility implies that the origin of infertility is not known. This is also a case, in which a couple needs to undergo IVF.

        Premature ovarian failure

        It means that a woman is 40 years old before she loses her natural ovarian functions. The fertility of a woman is compromised and the development of matured eggs becomes difficult for her.


        Endometriosis happens as the tissue lining in the abdomen grows beyond the womb such as ovaries, uterine tubes, and Fallopian tubes.

        Previous tubal sterilization or removal of tubes

        You consider the IVF procedure to be the best cure if you have tubal ligation a form of sterilization in which the Fallopian tubes are damaged in order to avoid conception indefinitely and now to plan.

        A genetic disorder

        You will be a preimplantation genetic diagnosis applicant in a treatment that requires IVF whether you or your wife is at risk of passing a genetic disease to your infant. Upon collecting and fertilizing, eggs are tested for some genetic conditions, but it is not possible to diagnose all genetic disorders. Only healthy and those embryos are transferred to the uterus which does not contain identifiable genetic disorders.


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