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      Male Infertility: 7 effective ways to help improve male fertility

      Male Infertility: 7 effective ways to help improve male fertility

      What Are The Ways To inprove male infertility. Gem hospital (1)

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        How to improve male infertility?

        When an infertile partner comes into our IVF centre, their primary concern is to know, “How to improve fertility?” Indeed! Asking such concerns to boost fertility health is essential to take the proper steps. Such a situation is not just among women, as even men encounter infertility issues. So, when they visit one of the best IVF centre in Punjab, they make sure to get good clarity over everything. There are a few small steps that you should take in your daily life to see the crucial difference it brings to your fertility health.

        Fertility doctors suggested tips to boost male fertility

        Tip 1: Keep your overall health under check

        Just primary healthcare is what you all need. So, make sure to keep your body weight healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. If you are considerate about your health, then it will help to:

        • Improve sperm quality
        • Boost sperm count

        If you cannot see the difference in your well-being, you should get Low Sperm count treatment in Bathinda and get the most reliable care for yourself.

        Tip 2: Make sure to get proper sleep, maintain body weight, and exercise

        • When you visit the ICSI Centre in Bathinda, the doctor will ask you to change your sleeping pattern even before your treatment plan begins. Sleep allows the body to get into a rejuvenating state.
        • Additionally, obesity is a significant concern for male infertility. Studies have even shown that if a person is overweight or obese, then sperm health might go down.
        • When you exercise, your body weight also gets balanced. So, make sure that you do at least 50 minutes of exercise to keep yourself healthy and fit.

        Tip 3: Don’t opt for any heart-related situations

        Excess heat can damage sperm health. So, make sure your groin area does have direct contact with heat. And for that, you should not use:

        • Hot tubs
        • Avoid hot cell phones
        • Don’t place any hot device on the groin area. 

        Tip 4: Undergo sperm analysis test

        One of the most reliable and effective methods is to get a semen analysis. It allows testing the sperm health correctly on different parameters like:

        • Motility
        • Volume
        • Concentration
        • Morphology

        All these four factors play an essential role in sperm health. Therefore, a proper test has to be done to check what’s wrong with sperm. If anything is not suitable, the doctor will give the necessary treatment plan.

        Tip 5: Take the right amount of zinc and folate, daily

        Your overall sperm health might need some extra help. And for that, zinc and folate are essential supplements to include in your daily diet. You should ask the doctor about how much you should take.