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      7 Major Reasons on, ‘Why do i need to get the test tube baby treatment?’

      7 Major Reasons on, ‘Why do i need to get the test tube baby treatment?’

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        ‘What are the reasons I need to get IVF treatment?’

        Is this is the question popping in your head 24*7? In that case, you have to get yourself the proper assistance. By visiting one of the best IVF centers in Punjab, the fertility doctor will guide you about everything in detail as to what is right and best. This blog, in a heartbeat, gives you an insight into the primary reasons your doctor can direct you towards the test tube baby treatment.


        Major reasons a couple need Test Tube Baby Treatment

        • Blocked fallopian tube

        If the fallopian tube is damaged, partially blocked, or completely blocked, then there are high chances the egg will have difficulty passing through the tube. So, with the IVF cycle, egg traveling is bypassed. All those females who have difficulty conceiving due to blocked fallopian tubes are suggested this option. Once your treatment is determined and checked, what’s the issue? The total amount of the Test tube baby cost is told to you. On average, the treatment cost is around Rs 40,000.


        • PCOS

        Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a problem that leads to hormonal imbalance in the body. The ovaries won’t produce enough, and ovulation is affected. This is the reason IVF is suggested to such individuals, as it helps to get everything done in a controlled environment.


        • Endometriosis

        Endometriosis is another common condition where tissue begins to grow outside the uterus lining and when it reaches the areas like a fallopian tube, ovaries, and other nearby areas. So, IVF is something that simplifies the way to manage the entire process.


        • Increasing maternal age

        Age and fertility go hand in hand. With the increase in age, the egg and sperm quality gets down, which can be a significant problem for all those who are trying to get pregnant naturally. However, IVF being one of the advanced technologies is an excellent choice for the infertile couple to boost the chances of conception while you are in your 30s and 40s.


        • Diminished Ovarian Reserve

        Diminished Ovarian Reserve is an essential factor because if the egg number & quality are not correct, the natural conception chances are lower. However, with the IVF treatment, you still have increased chances of conception.


        • Male factor infertility

        Like women, even male fertility plays an essential part. In male infertility, several factors like abnormal sperm, abnormal sperm function, poor motility, and many other factors can create problems. In male infertility cases, IVF along with ICSI is suggested.


        • Unknown factors

        A proper evaluation must be done. However, sometimes the reason behind infertility is not known, and even in those cases, IVF makes the right choice.