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      What are the 7 top things to discuss with your gynecologist?

      What are the 7 top things to discuss with your gynecologist?

      Important Things To Discuss With Gynecologist

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        Gynecologist visit is required once every year

        Your sexual and reproductive health deserves the proper care. Even if you think everything is normal, you must seek medical assistance. Sometimes, that ‘Normal’ situation has a significant problem behind it. Most importantly, you have to take away the thought of embarrassment or nervousness to seek assistance from one of the best gynaecologist in Bathinda. The gynae is always there to help you with all your gynecological needs and help you without any judgment.

        Top reasons to visit a gynecologist

        Reason 1: Painful menstrual cycle

        Do you think pain during the menstrual cycle is normal? No doubt it is, but not to the extent you have adverse symptoms like breast soreness, cramps, and headaches. If your pain is exceptionally severe, then the reason can be something else like:

        • Uterine fibroids
        • Endometriosis

        Bear in mind that the condition is manageable, and you have to consult the gynecologist without any delay. Sometimes the problem can make it difficult to get pregnant naturally. When you try to conceive on your own but have difficulty doing so, you should visit one of the Best Test tube baby centre in Bathinda to transform your condition.

        Reason 2: Vaginal odor

        Baginal odor is one of the most uncomfortable conditions because the smell can last for a few days. The foul smell or change in it is a vaginal infection or bacterial overgrowth.

        Reason 3: Growths or swelling bumps are present down

        Do you notice a growth in your vagina or around the labia? Well, it’s a problematic state that requires medical assistance. Please don’t assume it’s normal as the situation can point out that it’s because of something else. You have to get a medical examination to see what’s the issue. If the problem does not settle within a few days, you need medical assistance.

        Reason 4: Problem during sexual intercourse

        Are you experiencing sexual discomfort? Well, it’s time to consult the doctor. Uncomfortable sexual intercourse or discomfort is not regular. Explain to the gynae what you are experiencing, and she will help treat the problem. Moreover, if you have pain during sex, even requiring medical assistance, pain can occur due to an underlying condition.

        Reason 5: Vaginal dryness

        Do you have a dry vagina during intercourse? No doubt, the situation depends on women’s age & other factors, but that does not mean you can avoid the same. Sometimes enough foreplay is not done, and arousal before sex can create a problem. Discuss everything with your gynae to understand what the issue is.

        Reason 6: Sexual history

        No need to be scared talking about your sexual history with the gynae. It would help if you shared everything with your gynae to understand what the present situation might be the reason for. Discuss the STDs as they can lead to infertility.