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      What are the 8 factors which determine the IVF success rate in India?

      What are the 8 factors which determine the IVF success rate in India?

      What are the 8 factors which determine the IVF success rate in India

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        When a couple is diagnosed with infertility, do you know what questions come into their mind? Initially, they want to know about the test-tube baby cost and its success rate. No doubt, visiting the best IVF Centre in Punjab is like a boon for those couples who are struggling to conceive naturally.

        You must have seen, even well-known celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Nita Ambani, Farah Khan, and many more have opted for this treatment, to start their own family. IVF treatment comes under the category of Assisted Reproductive Technology, in which the process is like natural pregnancy but the only difference is that it happens outside the body. The treatment method for one couple will be different for others. In the same manner, when you want to determine the success rate different factors will make a difference. In India, the success rate of IVF is between 45% to 65%, although with every case it will vary to a great extent. Let’s talk you through them one by one:

        • Age

        The female age will make a difference to the IVF success rate. No doubt, this treatment plan has helped women in their 40s who have been struggling to conceive. But, when you plan to undergo the treatment at the age of 30 the success rate will be much higher as compared to at the age of 38 or 40.

        • Infertility timeline

        It is important to understand for how long you have been diagnosed with infertility and what is the extent it will make a difference.

        • Infertility type

        If there is primary or secondary infertility that will also make a lot of difference. When you consult the fertility expert, she will suggest the treatment plan based on this and it will affect the treatment success rate.

        Do you know?

        Primary Infertility

        Not being able to conceive on your own even once.

        Secondary Infertility

        When you try to conceive 2nd time or after, but having trouble it is known as secondary infertility.

        • Reasons behind infertility

        The cause of your infertility will make a difference in the treatment success rate. When you consult the doctor for the treatment, first of all, she will know about the infertility reason and accordingly tell you what should be done.

        • Egg, embryo, and sperm quality

        If the egg, embryo, or sperm quality is not up to the mark, then it will create problems in the success rate. In such a case, the doctor will plan the treatment accordingly for you.

        • The endometrial development

        Endometrial development is the changes that occur in the ovaries during the menstrual cycle. During the development phase, estradiol is produced which helps the endometrial lining to develop and make it easier for pregnancy. In case, there is a problem with this stage, then the success rate will get affected.

        • Luteal phase post transfer

        The luteal phase is the phase that occurs during ovulation and during the pregnancy establishment or the menses onset 2 weeks after that. If there is a problem with this phase, then the success rate will get affected.