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      Age & Fertility: What’s The Connection?

      Age & Fertility: What’s The Connection?

      Age & Fertility

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        How are women & men’s age and fertility linked to each other for pregnancy?

        Are you in your 30s?

        While you are planning to conceive, age is one particular thing that is considered. Be it men or women both of their fertility health is considered as this also plays an important part in the child’s health. If you are in the same situation then you should schedule an initial consultation at one of the known IVF Centre in Punjab and better plan for your pregnancy.

        Women’s Age & Fertility: What’s the link?

        When a woman is born she has all the eggs of her lifetime. As women age, the quality & quantity of eggs is going to decline. It’s true that if a woman’s health is good then her chances of conception increase manifold. It’s true that when a woman is in her mid-20s her chances of conception are higher every month as compared to when she is in her 30s. In the same manner, the chances of conception get down when she is in her 40s.

        Are you planning to get IVF?

        The treatment will be customized for you by checking your condition. It means you will be given the treatment accordingly which helps to boost the success chances. This way the  Test tube baby cost will be analyzed only after checking what’s the issue.

        Can women’s age affect the IVF success rate?

        No doubt IVF treatment is one of the best options available out there but this won’t address age-related infertility. The success rate of IVF is going to go down with women’s age.  Through one of the states this is what noticed:

        • 43% for women aged 30 to 34 years
        • 31% for women aged 35 to 39 years
        • 11% for women aged 40 to 44 years

        Additionally, for older women, the option of the egg donor is preferred which helps in boosting the treatment success rate.

        Can women’s age increase pregnancy complications?

        Just like any other thing, the chances of complications are higher with an increase in age. Studies have shown that chromosomal abnormalities & miscarriage risk is going to be higher when the woman is of age 35. Moreover, there are other complications that might occur like:

        • Placenta previa
        • Gestational diabetes
        • Still Birth
        • C-section

        It’s not just about the age but if a woman has a certain condition that affects her fertility even then there are problems like PCOS & Endometriosis.

        How male age & infertility are linked to each other?

        People often talk about female fertility and think that it’s the only thing that can create problems with conception. But with time it’s essential to understand that male fertility can even affect the chances of pregnancy chances. It’s noticed that male fertility gets down in their 40s. Although it does not mean that it won’t create any issue before that. This is the reason it’s essential to get the medical expertise on time for properly managing the situation.

        Schedule your initial consultation

        If you are having difficulty taking your pregnancy journey in the right direction then better schedule an initial consultation with our fertility doctor at Gem Hospital & IVF Centre to make an informed decision.


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