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IVF – Are you eligible? Which are the various approaches to achieve conception?

IVF – Are you eligible? Which are the various approaches to achieve conception?

IVF Are you eligible Which are the various approaches to achieve conception

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The couples who are not able to conceive even after several attempts get disheartened. But why do they get disappointed? Since got does not send any problem without offering its solution. So the result-oriented solution for infertility problems is IVF.

But the matter of fact is when should the couples take the help of IVF?

After trying to conceive for an absolute one year, if the couple has not been able to get successful results, then it is a disturbing condition that needs your attention.

Observed transformation

Earlier the couples were not very comfortable talking about infertility issues. BIt no sooner than the IVF awareness campaigns have come into the origin, that the couples have started taking this issue seriously and are feeling the need to be discussed. Earlier, it was the topic that was only discussed behind those closed doors. But now, it’s not. The doors have broken and sound has come out!

So in this blog, we shall be telling you some of the necessary tips to consider while consulting a fertility expert.

  • The age factor

Age is the predominant factor that helps to find out whether your body is capable of a complication-free pregnancy or not. If your age is 35 or more than that and you have been trying to conceive for approximately 6 months, then you should not wait to consult a reputable gynecologist.

Usually, it is suggested that the couples whose age is less than 35 years and they are unable to conceive. They should only visit the gynecologist if they have tried for almost 1 year.

  • The health factor

Many health conditions are accountable for causing the adverse effect on reproductive capabilities. It is usually observed that the women suffering from the following health disorders usually encounter fertility issues:

  • Thyroid Disorders
  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Kidney complications

Male infertility


Not only the females contribute to infertility issues. Rather 50% of the infertility problems are because of the malefactor.

Following problems are usually found in the males, which are accountable for rendering them infertile:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation

Male infertility is usually associated with the following sperm problems:

  • No sperm production at all
  • Sperm motility
  • Problems in the sperm morphology
  • Production of the dead sperms

Which solutions does IVF have for various scenarios of the infertility problem?

Based on which mating partner is responsible for infertility, there are so many treatment options for the infertility issues. Like

Sperm problems

If the sperms are having problems of some kind, but the egg is perfectly fit to get developed into the healthy embryo, then with the help of the donor sperms, the conception can be made possible.

Egg problems

If the problems are found in the eggs but the morphology and the count of the sperms are perfectly fine, then with the help of the donor eggs, a healthy embryo can be developed.

Implantation problem

If the uterus of the female is not able to survive through the pregnancy, then with the help of the uterus of some other lady, the implantation process can be carried out. This procedure is known as Surrogacy in medical