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      Know Everything About Blastocyst Transfer For Infertility

      Know Everything About Blastocyst Transfer For Infertility

      About Blastocyst Transfer For Infertility - Gem Hospital And Ivf Centre

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        Overview Of Infertility

        Infertility is a situation when the couple is not able to conceive a baby after one year of their unprotected intercourse. So to curb this problem there are so many options available with the doctors to get rid of couples from such situations such as IVF in which females can conceive a baby. 

        IVF is the process of fertilization for those who are infertile and in this procedure, your specialist first collects the eggs, and then retrieves a sperm sample from a male partner. After collecting them he combines both in a clinical laboratory. After this, the embryo(s) is then transferred to the uterus. Finally, a female is ready to conceive the baby. 

        Overview Of Blastocyst Transfer 

        To cure infertility, blastocyst transfer solution is considered to be the best way preferred by doctors in which an embryo transfer involves transmitting of one or more embryos which are at a very advanced stage of development, this is popularly called blastocyst culture and this is usually done on the fifth day after follicular aspiration stage.

        Once the doctor has done with the follicular aspiration, then they are fertilized in the laboratory for further testing. It is done by normal in IVF or by means of the ICSI method. 

        After the fertilization process, an egg begins to divide and develop into an embryo. Below are the stages of development :

        • the first-day schedule is the pronuclear stage, which is additionally known as a fertilized egg. 
        • the second-day schedule is the two to four-panel stage
        • the third-day schedule is the eight-cell stage
        • the fourth-day schedule is morula stage
        • the fifth-day schedule is blastocyst stage

        Merits Of Blastocyst Transfer Treatment

        About 30 percent of the fertilized eggs develop into blastocysts when the embryo reaches this stage then there will be a higher chance of implantation. It is like a natural pregnancy and takes approximately 5 days after fertilization for the embryo to reach the uterine cavity, where it implants. 

        Success Rates Of Blastocyst Transfer

        The possibility of conceiving a baby after blastocyst transfer is quite high. Besides, the chances of getting pregnant are increased by 8% as compared to embryo transfer in IVF at the initial stage. Moreover, women who are at their 30 have greater chances of conception such as 45 to 50%. Whereas, when they reach 40 the chances of getting pregnant get reduced to 40 %. The females who are having low egg count, as well as quality, also matters in this process because the embryos are inserted in the mother’s uterus at an initial stage. So, if the couples are facing problems in conceiving the child then they should refer to proficient doctors who are expert in such treatment as such treatment may include a lot of investment of funds so one should consult the doctor and refer to the internet for further details while undergoing such process and gain happiness in their life.


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