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      What is ICSI and its benefits? How much is the success rate of ICSI?

      What is ICSI and its benefits? How much is the success rate of ICSI?

      Everything About ICSI Treatment GEM WP

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        ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

        ICSI is one of the most advanced and effective fertility treatments for assisting couples with trouble conceiving independently. If you have visited one of the best IVF centre in Punjab, then after checking your condition, the doctor tells you everything that needs to be done.

         ICSI Procedure

        ICSI treatment helps to address the sperm-related infertility problem when the sperm sample is less in semen. During ICSI, the male partner gives the semen sample, performed alongside IVF to aid fertilization and done following egg retrieval. So, what happens during ICSI is:

        • Sperm gets injected into the egg through a simple and easy method.
        • The eggs need examination for fertilization and form embryos.
        • The embryo transfer happens on the day of the blastocyst stage to boost the chances of successful embryo implantation.

        If there are good-quality embryos, then the expert team of doctors at the ICSI Centre in Bathinda suggests getting embryos frozen for future pregnancy.

         Benefits of ICSI

        When you visit one of the best IVF centre in Punjab, the doctor checks your overall health and any of the problems linked to male fertility. Undergoing ICSI increases the chances of a successful and healthy pregnancy in several cases. So, especially if there’s a case of male factor infertility, undergoing ICSI with IVF increases the success rate. Some of the benefits of ICSI are:

        • Male partner diagnosed with low sperm count
        • Male partner with sperm motility problem
        • Having trouble with sperm development
        • Sperm don’t ejaculate properly
        • Increase the chances of retrieving good count sperm for fertilization.

        Apart from these, a few couples have trouble with genetic-related conditions which benefit from ICSI treatment. Your medical health expert at one of the best IVF centre in Punjab tells you whether the treatment is appropriate for you or not.

         The success rate of ICSI Treatment

        As mentioned above, the ICSI treatment benefits individuals in several ways. One of the studies has shown that the fertilization rate accounts for between 70% to 80% of to boost the chances of a successful pregnancy. When you consult the fertility doctor, she suggests the necessary treatment plan based on your condition.

         Explore the best possible fertility treatment option

        Infertility is one of the most complex situations with having problems with a female or male partner. Couples struggling to conceive on their own can take advantage of infertility treatment options like IVF, ICSI, IUI, and many other options. The availability of advanced, safe, and minimally invasive techniques is gaining a lot of demand. Indeed! It’s how treatment works, which allows the infertile couple to have a ray of hope for their pregnancy.

         Plan for the pregnancy journey

        Our fertility doctor will suggest a possible treatment plan that improves your chances of a successful pregnancy. Feel free to discuss any doubt that comes to your mind.