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      What Are The Causes Of The Abnormal Periods? When Are Periods Considered Normal?

      What Are The Causes Of The Abnormal Periods? When Are Periods Considered Normal?

      Irregular Periods Treatment In Bathinda

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        Those 4 Days Should Be Regular!

        Have you got what I am going to talk about? Yes, you are right! I am going to talk about the periods. Those 4 menstrual days are no doubt the difficult phase for any female, but such is God’s Grace that you have to endure that pain if you want to run high in your reproductive capabilities. It has been observed that the couples who visit the IVF Centre in Punjab usually come up with this thing when they are consulting the fertility specialist. The test tube baby cost may vary depending upon the cause intensity and the severity of the infertility issues.

        So as you might have guessed, in today’s blog, we are going to talk about the abnormal periods.

        Did you know?

        The menstrual periods may last from 4 to7 days.

        Problematic Menstruation

        Inappropriate Period Interval Menstruation comes out to be problematic if the periods are occurring in less than 21 days and more than 35 days in the menstrual cycle.
        Missed Periods If you have missed two or three of your periods in a row, then it is the problem for which you must seek the gynaecologist’s help.
        Long-lasting Periods If the periods are lasting for more than 7 days, then it demands your immediate attention
        Unendurable Period Cramps For some girls, experiencing periods is a death-like condition, as they find it difficult to bear those cramps which give you immense pain. The feeling of nausea and vomiting in these periods is not normal. If any of the parents of the teenage girl is reading this, then you should immediately take your daughter to the doctor. The early treatment may save her from the progressed consequences.
        Pain Or Bleeding During Sex If you experience excessive pain or bleeding during the sex, then do not continue doing it and consult the doctor at an early hour.

        Normal Menstrual Range

        When we are talking about normal menstruation, if our cycle is between the period of 21 days to 35 days, then it is typical and you are completely healthy as far as your reproductive capabilities are concerned.

        Did you know?

        Amenorrhea is a condition in which your period has completely stopped.

        Causes – Try To Prevent These

        Stress If you remain stressed for every minimal thing, then you should start taking some stress-relieving therapies as this condition is responsible for abnormal cramps and periods.
        Birth Control Pills Birth control pills help to prevent pregnancy. But if you continuously tamper with your reproductive system by going on and off on these pills, then abnormal menstrual problems will be waiting for you.
        Uterine Polyps These polyps are benign (non-cancerous) which get attached to the endometrial lining of the uterus which affects the menstrual cycle.
        Poor Dietary Habits If you are the one who is fond of tasting every street food, then you should start limiting your intake as these habits will eventually cause problems in the form of abnormal periods.