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      What are the causes of the blocked fallopian tubes? How can IVF help to bypass this problem?

      What are the causes of the blocked fallopian tubes? How can IVF help to bypass this problem?

      _ Blocked Fallopian Tubes and Infertility

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        It is important to have the fallopian tubes working when you are trying to conceive naturally. The predominant function of the fallopian tubes lies in the fertilisation process. To carry out the successful conception, only the fallopian tubes are responsible which fertilizes the egg with sperms. If either of the fallopian tubes is working, then it becomes possible to conceive even with the natural process. Usually, the fertility specialist of the IVF centre in Punjab does not require the active functioning of the fallopian tubes for the fertilisation and the implantation process. The test tube baby cost seems to be worth paying when the results of the procedure are guaranteed and sure shot.

        Causes Of The Blocked Fallopian Tubes

        In case, the fallopian tubes are emerging as a disturbance in the fertilisation and the implantation process, then it means, these could either be fully or partially blocked.

        • Ectopic Pregnancy

        Ectopic pregnancy is the kind of pregnancy in which the egg gets implanted outside the uterus. This means it could either get implanted in the fallopian tubes. In that case, there is no alternative left other than the surgical method.

        • Endometriosis

        There is the presence of the tissue which is accountable for lining the uterus. When this tissue starts developing outside the uterus. With time, it develops significantly and starts showing up in the uterus.

        • PID

        PID stands for Pelvic Inflammatory diseases. This kind of problem can affect the various organs of the reproductive system that may include the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus.

        • Fluid Buildup Within The Fallopian Tubes

        When the watery fluid blocks the fallopian tubes, then it can come out to be extremely problematic for the conception process.

        • Sterilization

        The women who opt up for the sterilization usually undergo the procedure in which their fallopian tube gets blocked completely. This is considered as one of the permanent birth control methods. This is the kind of method which can be reversed.

        How Should You Know Whether Your Fallopian Tubes Are Healthy Or Not?

        In case, you’re not encountering any problematic symptoms like the pain in the pelvis, a huge amount of discharge and the persistently increased temperature.

        Importance Of Modern Diagnosis

        As far as the modern diagnosis is concerned, then it has resulted in so many benefits. Earlier it was only possible to see whether the uterus is healthy to carry out the implantation process or not. But now it has become possible to figure out whether the fallopian tubes are working appropriately as they should.

        How Can IVF Help To Bypass The Role Of The Fallopian Tubes?

        In the IVF procedure, the eggs are directly collected from the ovaries. These are fertilized with the sperm in the lab. Once fertilized these are transferred to the uterus bypassing the role of the fallopian tubes. This means the role of the fallopian tubes can significantly be ignored if the IVF treatment is taken into account.

        Bottom Line

        It is suggested for you to visit the best IVF centre when you are bothered with fallopian tube blockage. As you do not only require the best treatment but the best guidance is also needed.