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      How to improve the chances of conception by using your own eggs with IVF?

      How to improve the chances of conception by using your own eggs with IVF?

      Getting pregnant with your eggs

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        Infertility problem has increased a lot all over the world. The couple often looks for the best treatment at the IVF Center in Punjab. In some cases, the women are facing the problem of diminished ovarian reserve. Before opting for the donor eggs, the fertility doctor will try all the possible options to improve the chances of conception. When you visit the best fertility doctor they will make sure you get the treatment plan with your eggs in IVF.

        What are the ways to improve fertility in low ovarian reserve?

        Timely diagnosis

        Getting a timely diagnosis is very important. Special consideration is given to women after the age of 40. This is because with age the egg quality & quantity is reduced. With the right diagnosis, the patient will get an effective treatment plan.

        • Firstly, the FSH and AMH level is assessed. We measure the levels against the patient’s age because these levels change with age. In this approach, we check the abnormalities in the reproductive hormones and this helps the doctor to prepare for the fertility treatment.
        • Following the right treatment approach, helps the patient to conceive and have a healthy baby irrespective of the age.

        Integrated treatment approach

        It contains 3 different parts:

        • Stimulation of individualized ovaries

        Ovarian stimulation is the process of developing the eggs for fertilization. Ovarian reserve is different for every woman and therefore the stimulation plan is also different. At our hospital, we also make sure that the patient gets the best treatment plan which suits their circumstances and their health is also monitored regularly.

        • Supplements for pre-stimulation

        DHEA is the supplement used for pre-stimulation. The DHEA supplement is very effective in improving the ovarian environment.

        Why is it essential?

        – Eggs matured in the age of ovarian do not have good quality.

        – If the egg quality is poor then it can lead to miscarriage and the implantation rate is lower.

        DHEA helps improve the ovarian environment. The supplements used in the treatment will help the egg to get mature and they are healthy also.

        • Individualized treatment

        Every woman will get personalized treatment plans according to their medical history and other medical conditions which resulted in infertility. It is very essential to be proactive.

        Additionally, the eggs are retrieved are at an early stage and this approach also helped in increasing the pregnancy rate by 2 to 3 %.

        New Approach to improve fertility

        Some research shows that women can have improved chances of getting pregnant with their own eggs.

        Coenzyme Q10

        This research is still at an early stage and this supplementation helps fight with oxidative stress which is in the ovaries. This way, egg quality, and fertility are improved.