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      Debunking Common Misconceptions With Facts Surrounding PCOS

      Debunking Common Misconceptions With Facts Surrounding PCOS

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        PCOS is one of the most common conditions that many women who are of childbearing age go through. It is more prevalent in teenagers.

        It is one of those medical conditions that change your life. And if you do not treat the problem at hand, then there are good chances that you might be able to conceive a child naturally, as infertility is one of the major symptoms of PCOS.

        This is the reason why many young adults and teenagers are curious to learn about PCOS treatment in Punjab.

        It is basically a health issue that creates hormonal imbalance and metabolism problems in the body. Apart from infertility, it also evokes other symptoms, including facial acne, excessive facial and body hair, irregular menstrual cycle, thinning of hair, and weight gain, among others.

        But not everyone is able to gain the correct information, especially when there are so many misconceptions that people have spread. Hence the creation of all those myths.

        In this blog, we are going to talk about the common myths that you might have heard about PCOS and debunk them with factual information.

        Myths And Facts Surrounding PCOS

        #Myth 1: You did something to trigger it

        No, there is nothing that one does that could lead to PCOS. In fact, even the best IVF centre in Punjab can not determine the real cause of PCOS and what could lead to it.

        However, there are several factors that play a significant role, including genetics. Women with androgenic hormones develop male traits, which creates a hormonal imbalance in their bodies. Generally, any woman makes a certain amount of androgen, but we notice a large number of androgen in women with PCOS.

        Hence it is proven that the real cause is not =something that you might trigger knowingly or unknowingly. It is a natural process that just happens.

        #Myth 2: Losing weight equals losing PCOS

        There is precisely no cure to treat your PCOS. You would be required to balance each section of life to manage it somehow.

        Now we all have established that one of the symptoms of PCOS is indeed weight gain. But losing weight will not automatically cure your PCOS.

        However, balancing your hormone levels and regulating your menstrual cycle might be a good start. But there are factors too that you would require to balance and maintain in order to come close to the journey of a PCOS-free body.

        #Myth 3: IVF is not an option for infertile women because of PCOS

        It is a very common myth that has wasted many chances for the couple who are unable to conceive a child. In our clinic, you can get PCOS treatment as well as Low Sperm count treatment in Bathinda to undergo IVF treatment to get pregnant.

        #Myth 3: PCOS is a rare condition

        It is not as rare as you would like to believe. In fact, a growing unhealthy lifestyle is more prevalent than ever before. Almost 23 % of women of their reproductive age suffer from this condition.