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      Define Aspermia.

      Define Aspermia.


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        Male infertility is mainly caused by a disorder called Aspermia. It stops semen from releasing. A male suffering from Aspermia does not have low sperm counts; instead, there is no ejaculated fluid at all. The underlying cause of this ailment and a precise diagnosis determine the course of treatment. When ejaculation is absent, men with this disease experience orgasm.


        What is the definition of Aspermia? 

        A medical disease known as Aspermia is characterized by a substantial decrease or absence of semen during ejaculation. It causes an infertile person to be unable to ejaculate semen. Several things, such as blockage of the ejaculatory ducts, hormonal imbalances, neurological conditions, or specific drugs, can result in hyperemia. Treatment options vary depending on the underlying reason and may include surgery, medicine, or other targeted interventions. The best doctors from the best IVF Center in Punjab offer your proper treatment of Aspermia.


        Which factors cause Aspermia? 

        To ejaculate, one must first load the semen into the prostatic urethra and then close the neck of the bladder. In the last stage, the pelvic muscle contracts, causing fluid to be expelled in an antegrade or forward direction.

        • Reverse Ejaculation: Retrograde ejaculation is the leading cause of Aspermia. In retrograde ejaculation, the sperm exits the body through the bladder as opposed to passing through the urethra and then the penis. Diabetes, medication use, or disease can all contribute to this.
        • Obstacles along the Semen’s Path: Blockages in the semen’s path may cause the illness. Aspermia can also arise from growths or obstructions in the ejaculatory duct. When it happens because an orgasm fails to produce ejaculation, psychological or psychosomatic elements may be the cause in certain instances.
        • Deficiency in Androgen: Another factor that might lead to Aspermia is a lack of testosterone. This happens when a person does not go through puberty, which keeps their seminal vesicles and prostate gland small. In this instance, treatment is required since the glands cannot produce seminal fluid.


        What are the symptoms of Aspermia? 

        The following are typical signs of Aspermia:

        • Semen is absent during the ejaculation process. Another name for this is a dry orgasm.
        • The man’s urine appears cloudy when he passes it after sexual activity. The cause of this is semen seeping into the bladder.
        • Following ejaculation, there is a feeling of soreness in the pelvic region.
        • Blood can occasionally be visible in the urine or, if present, in the semen. Fertilization does not occur since the female body does not release any semen during sexual activity. 


        Treatment plans to treat Aspermia. 

        The treatment plans for Aspermia are as follows: 

        • Medication: Certain drugs to control hormone levels may be administered if hormonal imbalances cause Aspermia. Hormone replacement treatment may be taken into consideration if there is a testosterone deficiency.
        • Surgery: To address a physical blockage, such as one in the ejaculatory ducts, surgery may be necessary in certain situations. Surgical techniques can fix any anatomical anomalies causing the issue or remove the obstruction.
        • Assisted reproductive treatments: This includes the use of intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization when it is not possible to restore natural ejaculation. IVF Cost in Punjab is relatively lower than in the other states.
        • Lifestyle changes: Aspermia can occasionally be brought on by lifestyle variables like smoking, heavy alcohol use, or using certain recreational substances. 

        These days, IVF treatment is often used to address infertility, which is a common issue. For infertility treatment, contact Gem Hospital and the IVF centre if you are experiencing the same issue. Several IVF Success Stories Punjab used IVF to conceive their child.

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