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      Doctor Expert Guide: Frequently Asked Question About IVF Treatment

      Doctor Expert Guide: Frequently Asked Question About IVF Treatment

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        IVF treatment is one of the most commonly used assisted reproductive technologies (ART) to conceive a child. It is an extensive procedure that requires a lot of patience and calmness to get a successful result.

        Many people might have several questions related to IVF, and it is incredibly typical to have such doubts. This is the reason why we have compiled a bunch of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

        The doctor stimulates the eggs with fertilization medicines in IVF treatment and then retrieves them from the ovaries. After the eggs and the sperm are collected, the doctor then proceeds to mix them for fertilization. The last stage is to implant the embryo back in the woman for natural childbirth after fertilization. The whole procedure could be done in our IVF Centre in Punjab.

        How Long Does It Take To Finish The Whole IVF Procedure?

        It is a long process that is divided into four different stages. The 1st stage is preparation for IVF treatment which takes around 2-4 weeks. Then comes the 2nd stage, which is stimulating eggs with fertility shots; this process takes approximately 8-10 days. In the 3rd stage, the eggs are retrieved from the ovaries two days after the 2nd phase. After the eggs are mixed with the sperm, in the last step, the doctor implants the embryo back in the womb after 5-7 days.

        Is IVF Treatment Painful?

        In most cases, most patients do not even report significant pain during the IVF surgery. However, there are women who might experience bloating during the procedure of stimulation stage. And some might feel cramping and light bleeding after the egg retrieval phase.

        How Much Does IVF Treatment Cost?

        The Test tube baby cost might differ from case to case. Depending on the condition of your infertility and how complicated the procedure is, the price and other factors would fluctuate. However, the average cost for IVF treatment cost around Rs. 2.5 lakh to Rs. 4 lakh. We highly recommend you visit us and learn more about the IVF treatment cost.

        Are There Any Side Effects Of IVF Treatment?

        IVF surgery is an effective procedure that is simple and leaves behind no side effects. Most of the patients are able to process the changes pretty well, and very rarely do we see any kind of ovarian hyperstimulation due to the advanced technology used for conducting the whole process. Identifying healthy embryos is much easier than before, which helps avoid twins and triplets. In short, IVF treatment is a safe procedure apart from being inconvenient and causing bloating.

        Is There Something That Negatively Impacts IVF Treatment?

        Age plays a significant role in impacting the IVF procedure. Women who are older than 35 or women who have undergone premature ovarian aging make more attempts to produce healthy eggs. It could be prevented to some extent by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Working out daily would also be beneficial.

        For All Intents And Purposes

        Treat your infertility condition at Gem Hospital And IVF Center. We are here to present an advanced and safe procedure in a relaxed and calm environment under the guidance of skilled surgeons.

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