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      Enlighten yourself about the working of test tube baby treatment

      Enlighten yourself about the working of test tube baby treatment


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        Test Tube Baby Treatment

        The test tube baby treatment is one of the most inventive methods of assisting couples with difficulty conceiving. The IVF or test tube baby has been in existence for the last so many years. And every year, the method of doing IVF at the reputed IVF centre in Punjab just keeps getting better. IVF (In-Vitro-Fertilization) has helped millions of couples all over the globe to begin their family despite all the odds. The guide will give you clarity over test tube baby treatment and how to do it.

        What is the procedure for a test tube baby?

        Test tube baby means a healthy child conceived through IVF. At one of the leading Test tube baby centre, the procedure is performed with utmost care and following a standardized approach. The IVF procedure requires egg retrieval and a sperm sample. Egg and sperm are kept in a petri dish to form a embryo. On the 3rd or 5th day the doctor will look for healthy embryo to transfer back to women’s reproductive tract.

        After IVF, you need to wait for at least 14 days to get the pregnancy test to check whether your IVF cycle happened successfully. The IVF success depends on different factors. So, you must consult an experienced IVF doctor for an effective and personalized treatment plan.

        Reasons to undergo IVF

        IVF cycle circumvents fertility issue. Here are some of the possible cases where doctor suggests IVF cycle:

        • Endometriosis
        • Low ovarian reserve
        • Male factor infertility
        • Blocked fallopian tubes
        • Unexplained infertility
        • Low ovarian reserve
        • Premature Ovarian Failure
        • Older patients desiring a child
        • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

        Will there be an issue of genetic difference in a test tube baby?

        NO! You mustn’t let yourself fall for such myths. The IVF babies are normal. So, a couple planning to undergo a test tube baby should be comfortable and have peace of mind about this. Although, babies may have low birth weight or premature delivery when there have been health issues like high blood pressure, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

        When should I consult the fertility doctor?

        When a couple thinks about starting a family, they often neglect the need to consult the doctor. On the bright side, it’s mandatory to do so. Especially when you have been trying for the last year or six months, consult a fertility expert. The doctor will check your entire health to see if your reproductive health has any problems.

        If you are above 40, then fertility doctors follow a different approach to boost your chances of pregnancy. Methods like IVF, IUI, donor egg, and other procedures can improve pregnancy chances.

        Have any doubts?

        Our experienced and board-certified IVF specialist will guide you to make the right call to begin your IVF journey.