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      Explain Erectile Dysfunction and its emotional and physical causes?

      Explain Erectile Dysfunction and its emotional and physical causes?

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        Erectile Dysfunction occurs in men when their penis does not stay hard for the sex\ual activities to satisfy the sexual needs of men and women. It happens when the sponge-like tissue does not pass or fills up with the blood in the penis to make it hard. This is why they do not allow men to indulge in sexual activities for a long time or satisfy their internal sexual hunger. If you belong to the same category, opt for the Erectile dysfunction treatment in Bathinda without wasting time. After having this treatment, you can allow your penis to stand aside from the body in a more complex shape. This will attain happiness in your sex life. Apart from this, the best IVF centre in Bathinda is known to deal with all kinds of infertility diseases, whether men or women hold this problem.

        Explain Erectile Dysfunction?

        Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that is common to see in 30 million men worldwide. During this process, a man’s penis cannot become harder to perform sex with their partner, which may sometimes lead to relationship breakups. A few years back, there was no cure for erectile issues, but now you can correct this problem in any sexual ailments center. If the signs of erectile dysfunction are found on time, there are more chances of treatment to overcome these issues. It happens due to the following reasons:

        • Emotional or depressive reasons.
        • The regularization of blood in the penis can harm several nerves of the penis.
        • Other illnesses like heart disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis (hardening or blocked arteries)

        What are the emotional and physical causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

        Emotional Causes of ED:

        • Hectic schedule and unhealthy lifestyle
        • Relationship conflicts and fights.
        • Worry about sex performance
        • Depression, Anxiety, and unwanted stress.
        • Stress from cultural or religious conflicts

        Physical Causes of ED:

        • The hardened arteries stop the blood function in the penis.
        • Deficiency in the penis to capture the nerve or spinal cord signals due to any severe injury in the body.
        • Small vessel diseases such as diabetes may spoil the different nerves of the penis.
        • Cancer treatments near the pelvis can interrupt the functionality of the penis.
        • Other drugs for health problems may negatively impact erections.
        What treatment works for Erectile Dysfunction?

        There are various types of medicines that your expert will suggest you take in routine to beat the problem of erectile dysfunction. These consist of vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn), tadalafil (Cialis, Adcirca), sildenafil (Viagra), etcetera. During the consumption of these medications, you may feel a slight headache, indigestion, and facial flushing.

        The Gem Hospital and IVF Centre suggests that patients with Erectile Dysfunction talk about each side-effect of medications, their previous medical history, and other ailments or hidden things related to their health to understand their reason for disease and send you for the necessary treatment without wasting any time.