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      Everything that you must know about the blockage in the fallopian tubes

      Everything that you must know about the blockage in the fallopian tubes


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        Role Of The Fallopian Tubes

        The fertility experts of the famous IVF centre in Punjab has pointed out the role of the fallopian tubes in simple terms as, “The thin tubes which are observed in either side of the uterus which are responsible for transferring the mature eggs to the uterus from ovaries ( which is the organ of the reproductive system responsible for storing the eg reserves).”

        Cost Of Conception With Ivf

        In case, the blockage or any abnormality occurs in any or both of the fallopian tubes, then the female might face difficulty in the conception. In many of the cases, the conception with the natural process becomes impossible and thus the couples opt up for the IVF procedure. The test tube baby cost is different for each couple as the cause of the infertility is also different. The cost offered to the patients suffering infertility because of the fallopian tube problems is completely different from those who are bothered with the male factor infertility.

        The Biggest Indicator

        If you are planning to have the baby but you are facing failure each time after trying, then it may or may not be counted as the symptom of the blocked fallopian tubes.

        A Special Case

        There is a rare kind of blockage in the fallopian tubes which are known as the hydrosalpinx, which is greatly accountable for causing pain in the lower abdomen area.

        Along with that, if the female is running into the atypical discharge from the vagina, then it is surely indicating the affliction of some complicated problem related to the reproductive system.

        Cause Of The Fallopian Tube ( Most Common)

        PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) is one of the most common causes of blockage in the fallopian tubes. If the female transmits any diseases during sexual intercourse, then she can surely expect PID to be on the cards (likely to happen).

        Other Reasons

        • In case, the female is either currently suffering or has a history of suffering from any of the STDs, then blockage in the tubes is quite natural to happen.
        • The infections in the uterine cavity which are resulted owing to the abortion or the miscarriage
        • Previously happened ectopic pregnancy
        • The history of either suffering from the ruptured appendix or undergoing the abdominal surgery

        How Are Blocked Fallopian Tubes Diagnosed?

        The diagnosis of the blocked fallopian tubes is usually done with the special kind of X-Ray which is known as hysterosalpingogram.

        Did you know?

        Each couple who is struggling to conceive usually undergoes this test for sure.

        How Does Blockage Get Treated?

        • If One Tube Is Healthy

        In case, the other fallopian tube is completely normal and healthy and natural conception can be made possible with that, then the doctors are sure to provide you with the fertility drugs which aim at ameliorating your chances to ovulate on one side only.

        • Laparoscopic Surgery

        Based on the individualistic medical condition, the doctor may perform laparoscopic surgery to clear out the blockage (if the scarred tissue is causing blockage)