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      What is fallopian tube blockage? How does it affect fertility and how it is treated?

      What is fallopian tube blockage? How does it affect fertility and how it is treated?

      What is fallopian tube blockage How does it affect fertility and how it is treated

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        Sometimes the women’s fallopian tubes are blocked and this comes into the light when the diagnosis is done as the woman is not able to conceive. If that is the case, then you need to get Block fallopian treatment in Punjab, from the best fertility expert as their knowledge and experience will give you a customized treatment plan. Now let’s understand in detail what it is and how it is treated.

        What is Fallopian Tube Blockage?

        Fallopian tubes are an important part of the female reproductive organ which helps to connect the uterus and ovaries. There are 2 fallopian tubes.

        During ovulation (which occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle), these tubes help to carry an egg from the ovaries, and then it reaches the uterus. Once the sperm fertilizes the egg, it moves through the tube, then goes to the uterus where it gets attached to the uterus lining.

        On the other hand, if the tubes are blocked, then the normal passage cannot be done which makes it difficult for the women to conceive. Although, there is no need to worry as medical advancement can effectively help women with this problem.

        How does it impact fertility?

        Blocked fallopian tubes are one of the reasons for infertility. As we have mentioned above, sperm and egg will meet in these tubes, which results in embryo development. However, if the tubes are blocked the chances of natural pregnancy are lower. In case, the fallopian tubes are partially blocked, there are chances you can conceive. It means if one of the tubes is blocked the conception is still possible. The doctor can suggest you take fertility medications that boost the ovulation of one side of the tubes.

        What are the causes of blocked fallopian tubes?

        Blockage in fallopian tubes majorly occurs due to pelvic adhesions or scar tissue. There are various reasons for this problem like:

        • Pelvic inflammatory disease

        Due to pelvic inflammatory disease, scarring or hydrosalpinx is caused.

        • Endometriosis

        Fallopian tubes can have a build-up of endometriosis which results in blockage. In case, the endometriosis tissue is present on the outer side of the organs, still, the fallopian tubes can get blocked.

        • Certain sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

        Chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause scarring and lead to pelvic inflammatory disease.

        • Past ectopic pregnancy

        In case, the women have had an ectopic pregnancy in the past, there are high chances of blocked fallopian tubes.

        • Fibroids

        Fibroids are another common reason for blockage and this majorly occurs when fibroids are attached to the uterus.

        • Past abdominal surgery

        If any past surgery is done on the fallopian tubes, it can lead to pelvic scarring which results in blockage.

        How are fallopian tubes diagnosed?


        Hysterosalpingography is a procedure that uses radio waves to check the uterine cavity shape and fallopian tube shape & patency. It is a special kind of X-ray that uses dye to look at the fallopian tube and womb. Here is the breakdown of this method:

        • Screening test

        • Less expensive

        • No need of GA
        • Painful
        • Only Tubal Flushing
        • Errors in Reporting
        • Cannot treat any other pathologies

        Laparoscopy and chromotubation

        Laparoscopy and chromotubation is a surgical method for diagnosis and treatment for women with infertility. Chromopertubation is done to check the tubal patency.

        • Expensive

        • Done under general anesthesia

        • Inexpensive

        • Gold Standard

        • Corrective method

        • Give precise results

        • Used for problems like PCOS, Endometriosis, and many others.

        What are the treatment options for blocked fallopian tubes?

        • Laparoscopic surgery

        For women with small amounts of scar tissue in fallopian tubes, the doctor will suggest performing laparoscopic surgery. With this, the blockage is removed and then the tubes are opened.

        • Medications

        In some cases, medications are the best choice to address pelvic inflammatory disease like anti-tubercular treatment.

        • Surgery

        In case the scar tissue is in excess then removal of blockage is not the best choice. The doctor will suggest a surgical method to repair the tubes which are damaged due to ectopic pregnancy or infection. The surgeon may remove the damaged part and connect the healthy ones so that the pregnancy is possible.

        What are the complications with blocked fallopian tubes?

        One of the common complications is ectopic pregnancy. If one of the fallopian tubes is damaged or partially blocked, there are chances the egg can get fertilized but it will not meet the sperm. This is the reason, ectopic pregnancy chances are increasing. If that is the case, then you need to consult the best medical expert right away.

        When the surgery is performed to remove the fallopian tube part, even then there is a risk of ectopic pregnancy.

        How can I conceive with a fallopian tube?

        IVF is the best and most effective way to conceive, even with blocked fallopian tubes. Through this treatment, the blockage in the fallopian tubes is completely bypassed. So, you do not have to worry about this problem. In addition, the treatment success rate is extremely high as compared to the surgery for blocked fallopian tubes. In case, the first cycle of IVF did not go successful you can undergo another one, which will have an even increased success rate. IVF is highly suggested to women of advanced age and if the male partner is diagnosed with infertility.

        Difference b/w IVF and tubal surgery?


        Tubal Surgery

        • Cost-effective

        • Less expensive

        • You can undergo more than one time

        • One time-treatment

        • Reduced risk of ectopic pregnancy

        • Increased risk of ectopic pregnancy

        • Best for women with advanced age and male factor infertility as well as for young men.

        • Suggested to women in case of younger

        Wrap up

        If you are diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes, you can get the treatment and improve your chances of conception. Just make sure to seek medical evaluation from the best fertility expert who can give you a customized treatment approach. This way your chances of conception will increase and you can start your family. So, talk to the doctor about what kind of treatment plan is best for you.

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