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      Get Rid of Constipation during Pregnancies with Five Remedies

      Get Rid of Constipation during Pregnancies with Five Remedies

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        There is a 39% chance of experiencing constipation in your body during pregnancy. The increase in the progesterone hormone to support pregnancy in your body is one of the reasons for constipation. It happens either in the second or third month of the first trimester.

        Slower digestion at the time of pregnancy due to the increase in progesterone in your body leads to constipation. But thanks to the best Ayurvedic Clinic , you can avoid constipation while pregnant. They have a vast experience and expertise in this field. 

        Causes of Constipation during Pregnancy

        • Increase in Progesterone Levels: Progesterone helps in relaxing your intestines and bowel so that they don’t work hard while squeezing waste from your body. The large intestine takes a longer time to absorb moisture out of the food if it stays longer. The waste gets dry and gets hard to pass while you try to excrete. 
        • Foetus: Your uterus gets heavier with a growing foetus. It pressurizes the bowel, increasing the difficulty for the waste to travel out of the body.
        • Iron from prenatal vitamin: The prenatal vitamin provides the iron necessary to circulate blood in both the mother’s and child’s bodies. Excess iron doesn’t let the bacteria in the bowel break down food easily. If you don’t drink enough liquids, the waste gets hard, worsening the problem. It thus causes constipation due to the build-up of that waste.
        • Lifestyle and Diet: Your diet intake, liquid intake, and physical activities determine the chances of constipation in your body. Inadequate intake of fiber, liquid, and irregular physical activities can result in constipation.

        Here are the five best remedies you can use to avoid constipation in this precious time given below:

        1. Adequate Fiber Intake: Proper intake of fiber provides women with antioxidants and minerals, which help them avoid constipation. Fresh fruits, vegetables, lentils, peas, bran cereals, and prunes provide enough fiber. At least 25 to 30 gms of fiber is required to maintain a healthy pregnancy. 
        2. Stay Hydrated: You should increase your water intake during pregnancy. Staying hydrated keeps your bowels soft and smooth-moving during pregnancy.
        3. Avoid Large Meals: Breaking your daily food intake into five to six small meals can be helpful in lowering the chances of constipation during pregnancy. It lets the stomach digest food without taking excess time and lets it transfer the food to the intestine and colon seamlessly.
        4. Regular Exercises: You can avoid constipation by performing physical activities regularly. Exercising will stimulate your bowels. You should exercise for at least 20 to 30 minutes two or three days a week during pregnancy. You can go for walks, practice prenatal yoga, and go swimming to maintain a distance from constipation.

        If you want to reduce the chances of constipation in your body, you should follow these tips to maintain a healthy pregnancy. It also helps in a healthy childbirth. For the best advice, consult the best Doctor for the best solutions. They have been helpful in helping many women deliver children in a healthy manner.