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      How can ovarian cysts be considered as symptom of healthy ovulation?

      How can ovarian cysts be considered as symptom of healthy ovulation?

      Ovarian Cysts

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        Have you ever thought that ovarian cysts can be a symptom of the healthy menstrual cycle? But how do we know which cyst is good and which one is bad? So the experts of the IVF centre in Punjab are here to tell you which ovarian cyst you should be concerned about and which not.

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        What exactly are ovarian cysts?

        Ovarian cysts are the sacs that are filled with the following:

        • Fluid
        • Semi-Solid Materials

        The functional cysts are categorized as the normal kinds of cysts. Our bodies make these cysts grow each month. The names of such cysts are as follow:

        • Follicle cysts
        • Luteum Cysts

        When do these follicle cysts occur?

        Follicle Cysts Corpus Luteum Cycles
        These cysts occur in the middle of your period cycle. The main reason for their emergence is unbroken follicles which keep up with the continuous growth. It comes into existence when the follicle is unable to get shrinked even after the release of the egg. It keeps on getting filled up with the fluid.

        Why are these cysts known as the normal kinds of cysts?

        As we have discussed earlier, some of the cysts are deemed as the healthy option for ovulation.

        • It is the need of the body

        Our bodies usually require cysts formation, so that the brain and ovaries can communicate normally.

        • It is completely OKAY to have corpus luteum cysts

        If you are worried whether you are keeping up with the ovulation or not, then having seen corpus luteum on a sonogram is the healthiest indication.

        When are cysts considered a serious matter?

        There are certainly other kinds of cysts as well which are not all considered as triggers of functionality and the reproductive aspects. And most customarily, having these cysts can indicate that the patient has succumbed to endometriomas.

        Did you know?

        The cysts causing endometriosis are known as chocolate cysts.

        Why are these cysts considered as harmful?

        • Painful

        These kinds of cysts make the individual suffer from unendurable pain. The pain sometimes gets so bad that it becomes impossible for the female to even stand up.

        • Negative Impact on Fertility

        Having these cysts in the body can play a negative role in reproduction. This does not allow the egg to get fertilised and thus the conception becomes a problem.

        What are these cysts filled with?

        These cysts are usually filled with the following elements because of which it is categorised as harmful:

        • Blood
        • Endometrial Tissue

        Can these cysts be removed?

        Yes, these cysts can be removed with the help of minimally invasive techniques.

        Please, choose the right clinic!

        It is suggested to choose the ideal clinic for undergoing cyst removal surgery. Because if you do not choose the right clinic, then no matter whether your cysts are removed or not, your fertility may still be affected.

        Final Comments!

        So have you decided to get the cysts removed? If yes, then Gem hospital and IVF centre is here to help you with the result-oriented and cost-effective procedure.