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      How helpful is Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection for infertile couples?

      How helpful is Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection for infertile couples?

      What do you know about the process of ICSI

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        To defeat male and female infertility, various artificial treatments come front that help people give birth to their babies using surgical procedures. Even though numerous people accept these treatment options, a majority of the masses are not in favor of these treatment options. The IVF center in Punjab tries to overcome the fear or doubts of these people and also try to let them know the actual working or motive of these artificial baby-born techniques. Additionally, you can also meet the IVF Doctor in Bathinda in the matter of test-tube baby formation.

        What is ICSI?

        Like numerous other artificial techniques of pregnancy conception, ICSI is a procedure that helps infertile couples to become parents. The full name of ICSI is intracytoplasmic sperm injection. In IVF, your doctor will contact a female egg with thousands of male sperm in the hope that one will fertilize the egg and the subsequent procedure begins. But in ICSI, nothing can happen like this. Here, your embryologist will use a microscope to find the most healthy single sperm fertilizing the woman’s egg.

        After this process, your fertility expert leaves this combination for a few days so that it will turn into an embryo. A few days ago, your doctor would check that one or two embryos were ready and then transfer them to the woman’s uterus to extract the pregnancy and leave the embryo stored for later use in the relevant environment if the first treatment does not work successfully. You can try this cure at the well-known ICSI Center in Bathinda, the GEM Hospital, and IVF Center.

        Why does the need for ICSI arise?

        There is no doubt that IVF is a mighty and best option for infertile couples to have a child, but when a man can produce good sperm to form a further pregnancy. IVF is not helping men with low or poor sperm count to form pregnancy. Therefore, in the early 1990s, ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) came to the forefront to help men with low or poor sperm count. It is the best way to beat male factor infertility.

        Here, infertility experts use a healthy and robust sperm count to interact with the woman’s egg to form the embryo so that a woman can give birth to their baby. The whole procedure executes under the vision of expert fertility doctors to avoid any single mistake.

        Who is the right patient for ICSI?

        The ICSI designs to overcome the male factor fertility issues. These are:

        • When a male is unable to produce sufficient sperm count for pregnancy extraction.
        • When IVF treatment may fail for egg fertilization due to weak sperm.
        • When male sperm is not moved in the typical fashion.
        • In vitro matured eggs are being used.
        • When a male sperm will not link to the woman’s eggs.
        • Frozen eggs come into use.
        • Reproductive tract blockage stops men’s sperm from reaching out through the penis.

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