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      How is IVF carried out? What are the benefits of taking the treatment from us?

      How is IVF carried out? What are the benefits of taking the treatment from us?

      How is IVF carried out What are the benefits of taking the treatment from us

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        IVF – The ultimate solution for the infertility problems

        When couples fail to see those two lines that assure a positive pregnancy, they get disheartened and disappointed. But when someone suggests that they should visit an IVF Centre in Ludhiana, they suddenly experience the joy of hope. According to the gynaecologist in Punjab, when the couple is unsuccessful in conceiving through the natural process, they are bothered by many of the social challenges and mockings.

        Our fertility doctors understand the depth of these complications and thus always offer a positive, compassionate and sympathetic approach towards the couple.

        Get blessed with a healthy baby through IVF

        Stages of procedures

        • Stage1: Ovaries stimulation

        Ovaries are part of the reproductive system and they are usually the commences of the fertility procedures since they help in the attainment of healthy and fully matured eggs.

        • Stage2: Egg retrieval

        Once the eggs have been produced, the surgeons take them out of the reproductive system through required instruments.

        • Step3: Sperm choice

        The semen sample of the male is taken. The sperms with the choicest characteristics are used to mix with the egg. Within a time, the egg becomes an embryo.

        • Stage4: Incubation

        This stage is crucial since the determination regarding whether the embryo is fit to be implanted in the uterus is to be carried out. This is done to avoid any future consequences which may come in the form of complications owing to the frequent miscarriages.


        IVF is itself a bonus since it assures that you will be able to take the pregnancy to the end. The doctors no doubt will guide you throughout your journey but they cannot forcefully make you follow all the preventive and precautionary measures.

        • Restore functioning

        The IVF procedure does not only focus on triggering the organs to work efficiently till the woman has not conceived. Rather the effort is imposed to make it function in the required way through the childbirth years.

        • Boosts Fertility

        Sometimes the causes of infertility are unknown, but that does not mean the reproductive system is at fault. It may be because the intercourse act is not getting done in the required way. The doctors will help you with certain medications so that your reproductive system starts functioning efficiently.

        • Donor egg and sperms

        In most infertility cases, it has been observed that either the eggs or the sperms are not conducive for conception. In that case, the fertility experts try to make the couple conceive with the donor eggs and the sperms.

        • Surrogacy

        When the womb or uterus of the woman is not capable of catching hold of the baby, then she cannot conceive. If she will, then that will result in a miscarriage. In those situations, the couples are advised to take the help of surrogacy. In this procedure, the embryo has been produced through the egg and the sperm of the biological parents.


        Taking up IVF to conceive is not at all a bad option and you should be opting for it if you are facing any problem conceiving.


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