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      Are You Wondering To Know About In IVF (Vitro Fertilization) And Test Tube Baby?

      Are You Wondering To Know About In IVF (Vitro Fertilization) And Test Tube Baby?

      About IVF

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        Gem Hospital and IVF centre Punjab: IVF treatment is well-known as In-Vitro Fertilization, which is specially designed for those who are suffering from infertility conditions. This is too heartbreaking condition, which makes you unable to conceive a baby naturally. Infertility is not the only experience by female, however, male infertility also responsible for delay in pregnancy. Well, to undergo the treatment you need to understand the reasons behind male and female infertility. For this, you must visit the IVF centre, because this is the place which gives you new hope to conceive a child naturally.

        Let’s talk about the history of IVF treatment.

        IVF is the technique of Assisted Reproductive technology, in which fertilization takes place in the clinical lab outside the human body. The first baby was born in 1978 with the help of IVF treatment. At that time, this treatment is known as a test tube baby, in which fertilization took place in glass tubes.

        Facts on the History of IVF

        This is a too well-known and successful treatment that gives new hope to several couples who are helpless.

        • Dr. Gregory Pincus has done first fertilization in 1934 and the experiments it on an animal.

        • This process takes too much time because at that time, he did not have too many instruments and in 1944 he and his lab technician get success in fertilization of the human egg.

        • And then in 1977, Dr. Patrick Steptoe and his friend Dr. Robert Edward perform the successful IVF in England.

        • Louise Joy Brown is the first baby, who was born with the help of IVF treatment in 1978 in England.

        Now, these days, there are millions of children are born with IVF treatment, because it is too safe and secure procedure to get rid of Infertility problem.

        Explain the working of IVF treatment?

        IVF treatment is performed in a fertility clinic under the observation of the doctor. So, if you are one of them who are suffering from infertility condition, you need to visit the clinic and get knowledge about how to get rid of this condition. Before performing all the steps, your specialist examines the couple properly, so that the doctor can know the reason behind infertility.

        There are 5 steps of IVF procedure include-:

        Stimulation of ovaries-: In this step, the specialist gives hormone supplements to a woman, so that she can produce healthy eggs without any problem.

        Egg retrieval-: Once she has done with egg production, the doctor waits for some time, so that eggs reach maturity and then collect them from the ovaries with the help of a thin needle.

        Sperm collection-: After that, she collects the sperm cells from the male partner for the fertilization process.

        Fertilization-: This is the most important step of IVF procedure, in which sperm cells and eggs are combined for fertilization. This is done for embryo development.

        Embryo transfer-: At last, developed embryos are transferred in the uterus for conception.