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      Infertility: Is there any relation between infertility and mental health?

      Infertility: Is there any relation between infertility and mental health?

      Infertility and mental health - Gem Hospital and IVF centre Punjab

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        Gem Hospital and IVF centre Punjab: Infertility is referred to as the inability to conceive a baby naturally. This is a common condition of both males and females, but females are more prone to get this problem due to several causes. There are several causes of infertility include-:

        • Old age

        • Hormonal problems

        • Endometriosis

        • Blocked fallopian tubes

        • PCOS

        • And other reproductive tract problems.

        If you are suffering from these conditions and feeling difficulty to conceive a baby naturally, then you must visit the IVF center in Punjab. As only IVF specialists can give you the right treatment on time after examining you well.

        This infertility condition affects women badly, such as they start feeling alone, disturbed, sad, and other mood changes.

        Let’s try to understand how infertility affects your mental health.

        Psychological health and Infertility

        Parenthood is the most important phase of life for both men and women. The burden of inability to conceive a baby naturally associated with some emotional effects such as-:

        • Frustration

        • Depression

        • Anxiety

        • Marital problems

        • Sexual dysfunction

        • Social isolation.

        • Sense of loss

        • Decreased self-esteem.

        Infertility can also influence self-esteem, appetite and a person’s sexual desire. A lot of couples have sex as a way of emotionally bonding. Couples can lose this emotional connection when sex is correlated with failure. Because of infertility conditions, some couples get divorced and ruin their married life.

        Are Psychiatric Illness and Psychological Distress related to Infertility?

        Depression, anxiety, and stress are caused due to infertility in women. A recent study reveals that couples with infertility suffer from poor mental health more as compared to others. To manage stress or depression, you need to go with stress relief therapies or you must talk to a mental health specialist. He will surely tell you what to do to manage stress and anxiety.

        Infertility treatment to get rid of mental health problems.

        In this case, you need to get infertility treatment like IVF. This is one of the best infertility treatments which is known as In-vitro fertilization. In this treatment, first, your surgeon examines you and only then offers you the treatment.

        This treatment includes-:

        • Stimulation of the ovaries with the help of hormone supplements, so that ladies can produce healthy eggs for fertilization.

        • Once she has done with egg production, the specialist performs the egg retrieval process.

        • And then the sperm sample is taken from her male partner for fertilization.

        • Fertilization takes place outside the body to develop embryos.

        • Embryos are then transferred to the uterus for implantation.


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