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      Inspirational IVF Story: Couple Overcome Unexplained Infertility With Successful IVF Treatment

      Inspirational IVF Story: Couple Overcome Unexplained Infertility With Successful IVF Treatment

      Inspirational IVF success story - Gem Hospital and IVF centre Punjab

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        Couple Decided to undergo IVF after getting diagnosed with unexplained infertility

        Sanjana, age 30 and Sameer, age 33 have been married for 5 years and finally, when they decided to start a family it was not happening the way they would have wanted. After trying for a year, there was no sign of pregnancy and when they visited the doctor the test came out ‘OK’ which means they had unexplained infertility.

        No doubt, it was very frustrating for them and with their friend’s guidance, they get to know about Gem Hospital and IVF centre as this hospital has a good reputation and also has the number of successful treatment. From the moment they went to this IVF centre now they had a positive feeling. The infertility expert Dr. Neera Gupta and her team were exceptionally helpful and it felt that everyone was there for them to start a family.

        First Consultation

        With the first consultation, Dr. Neera Gupta (Gynecologist) recommended IVF along with ICSI. they also come to know that the AMH level was low and there was no fertility issue so there were chances for them to conceive.

        Undergoing the treatment

        While undergoing the treatment they were very comfortable and they genuinely felt very lucky the whole time to seek medical help from Gem Hospital and IVF centre. While undergoing the egg collection procedure there was slight discomfort but with a couple of days, She felt completely normal.

        The sperm sample was taken and the procedure of ICSI was used. The embryos were observed for 5 days and after that, the best one was selected for transfer. The doctor used the latest technology and methods.

        After embryo transfer, the doctor told them to wait for 2 weeks to check for pregnancy results. This is true that the entire journey they have been gone through was very positive and as per our doctor’s suggestion, they kept their self busy with daily activities. they enjoyed that time without any stress and kept themself relaxed which is important for the treatment.

        Once the 2-week wait was over they went back to the hospital to check for pregnancy results. Finally, they hear the good news that she is now pregnant. No doubt, when they look back at the entire journey it has been difficult but it was worth the wait to hear this good news.

        The couple also shared, “They cannot explain what life was before their baby boy. He completed our life in every possible way and we cannot ask for anything more. He is completely beautiful, gorgeous and his cheeky little smile is what we have been waiting to see for years”.

        Well, this journey has been a roller-coaster ride but once they met the doctor at Gem Hospital and IVF centre they had a positive feeling that they came at the right place. Hospital doctors and staff’s way of treating the patient and proper consultation helped us to get all the answers they have been looking for.

        Make sure you are realistic throughout the treatment and do not allow negative thoughts to affect you. We are truly thankful to Dr. Neera Gupta and her entire team for making our life blessed with our beautiful baby boy.


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