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      How safe is the COVID vaccine for women who are breastfeeding after delivery?

      How safe is the COVID vaccine for women who are breastfeeding after delivery?

      How safe is COVID vaccine for women who are breastfeeding after the delivery

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        We are in the middle of the 2nd wave of pandemics and another wave is expected to occur at the end of this year. To prevent this situation, vaccines are one of the important things which everyone needs to get on time. Although, many people have concerns regarding the vaccine and whether breastfeeding women can get it or is safe for them? Yes! Vaccination is safe for women who are breastfeeding. Let’s make you understand in detail what you need to do.

        Important Note: While you are waiting to get the vaccination, make sure to follow the protective measures daily. Make sure to wear authentic N-95 masks, maintain distance when you are there till the time you get the vaccine.

        Is it safe for breastfeeding moms to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

        Yes! As per the experts and different medical organizations, it is suggested that breastfeeding women should get the vaccine. Although, before you get the vaccine make sure to consult the healthcare experts and understand it in detail.

        As much research is not done on the vaccine, so it is important to understand it. One thing which is clear that the COVID vaccine is:

        • Safe
        • Very well tolerated
        • Come with minimal side effects

        The COVID vaccine: Pfizer and Moderna can result in a number of side-effects that can be managed easily like:

        • Fever
        • Muscle aches
        • Fatigue

        The women who are breastfeeding will not have any severe side effects. As more people are getting the vaccination, it will be easy to research and track what other side effects it can have.

        With the COVID vaccine, you are protecting yourself from getting infected with this deadly virus. So, it is important to get it on time under the supervision of your health expert. Moreover, your child will also be protected against the infection as the aT-cells and antibodies will stimulate through the vaccination, and then it goes to the milk.

        How COVID-19 vaccination while nursing?

        One of the major benefits of vaccines for breastfeeding women is that their body immunity becomes strong to fight against the infection or the chances to have severe disease gets less. By getting the vaccine on time, the mother can protect their infant as the antibodies will travel to them through breast milk. So, those 2 doses of the COVID vaccine are safe for the mother and your infant. The research which is done till now has shown that you will be 94% protected against the COVID virus.

        How should I decide to get the vaccine?

        Make sure that you consult the medical expert and understand when you need to get the vaccination. The doctor will tell you when is the right time to get the vaccine when you are breastfeeding. In case, you have underlying health issues like:

        • High blood pressure
        • Diabetes
        • Lung disease
        • Or any other problem

        Then there is an increased risk of getting a severe virus. If you are working in the profession of teaching, home worker, nursing, or any other, even then get the vaccine without any delay. All in all, you need to get the vaccination as it is safe and it will prevent the risk of getting it worse.

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