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      Is In Vitro Fertilization treatment possible if my fallopian tubes are blocked?

      Is In Vitro Fertilization treatment possible if my fallopian tubes are blocked?

      IVF treatment for blocked fallopian tube

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        To conceive naturally you make sure your fallopian tubes are working properly because damage in fallopian tube leads to infertility. Every month, women release one egg which is collected by the fallopian tube. At the end of the fallopian tubes, the collected egg and sperm will meet and the fertilization process will take place. After fertilization, the embryo will be formed and will travel in the uterus of the woman after a few days. But if you are trying to conceive naturally and are unable to do it, then need not to worry. Meet a fertility specialist and she will recommend IVF treatment. But make sure you are meeting the renowned fertility expert in IVF centre in Punjab.

        What are the reasons for blocked fallopian tubes?

        If your fallopian tubes are not working properly which means either your tube if partially or fully blocked. It is damaged internally which means the egg can’t travel through the fallopian tube.

        Let us check the possible reasons for a blocked fallopian tube that are mentioned below:

        Ectopic Pregnancy

        Ectopic pregnancy is a type of pregnancy in which fertilised eggs will implant in fallopian tubes and surgery is required.


        This is a type of condition in which tissues grow outside the uterus and can block the fallopian tubes.


        PID stands for a pelvic inflammatory disease which affects the fallopian tubes, womb as well as ovaries of the women. This situation occurs due to infection such as STIs, gonorrhoea, chlamydia. It leads to blockage of fallopian tubes and also increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

        Fluid in the tubes

        Fluid in the fallopian tubes is known as hydrosalpinx. This is a condition in which fluid blocks the fallopian tubes


        Some women tied fallopian tubes permanently for birth control. It can be reversed also. But if you are one of those, then IVF treatment is beneficial for you and you can get pregnant.

        Are your fallopian tubes healthy?

        There are no symptoms which show that women’s fallopian tubes are damaged. But with the advancement in the health sector, you can check whether your fallopian tubes are working properly or not. All you need to do is visit the fertility expert where she will examine you. He can check through laparoscopy, x-ray hysterosalpingography. These tests are done by an ultrasound test known as HyCoSy. In this, the fertility expert will check the fluid passing down the tubes. After observation, she will tell whether your fallopian tubes are working properly or not. The fertility expert will also check the medical history of the patient.


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